May 2, 2021: walking in the urban forest

2021-05-04 11:10:30  作者:Photography

Walking in the city forest ,

When the golden pheasant is full of plank road ,

The romance of early May and summer ……

This park was last year 6 In May, it was initially opened , I've been here twice before , It's a good impression . There are lakes here , There are forests , There is a plank road , There are flowers of all seasons , And it's spacious , It is the supporting landscape garden of Chengdu Tianfu international biological city , It is said that the planned area of phase I is 3090 mu , Water area 319 mu .

Fall into the hot summer of July , It's true, it's illusory, it's sunny .

( picture 2020-07-18 It was shot in Yongan Lake Urban Forest Park in Chengdu )