The fourth day of the May Day holiday: was the holiday full( 2021122)

2021-05-04 10:54:10  作者:Life journey

The fourth day of the holiday , How are you doing ?

I'm glad I read an article at the beginning of the holiday , Don't take a holiday as a holiday , Just arrange your time and life normally , If you let this holiday be extremely irregular , Then you will be more tired after the holiday !

For example, I don't have to get up early because I think it's a holiday , Every night I brush my cell phone to watch the video. It's very late , Not willing to sleep , The next day, I went to bed again , It's like this every day , After a few days of vacation , You will feel more tired ! To be honest, that's how I spent my previous vacation , I don't think a holiday is very interesting !

This holiday I insist on getting up early every morning to exercise , Then prepare breakfast for the family , If you don't go out to play , I'll guarantee at least an hour of reading time , By the way, finish my mind map reading notes ; If you go out to play, you will enjoy the good time , Have a great time with your family ! Instead of changing places to play with mobile phones !

The feeling of getting up early every day is that the whole day belongs to you , I feel so happy ; Also, I like to communicate with my friends when I am exercising , I can feel the exchange and communication of my thoughts , That feeling is also good ! If you don't believe it, try it !

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