Dujiang Dam

2021-05-04 10:32:36  作者:Photography

If we say this is a short trip to West Sichuan

Which station is the most exciting

It's really Dujiangyan

I like its long history and culture

I like the water conservancy project designed by Li Bing for the common people

I like it flowing through the immortal carved beams and painted buildings for thousands of years

I like its antique and fragrant pedestrian street

I like it. It's the crystallization of the wisdom of thousands of experts

And the great power inherited to benefit mankind

The wisdom of our predecessors has never surpassed

Our contemporary generations inherit and learn ~~

A new world , Very warm spring !

We passed by Siguniang mountain in the daytime that day 、 Giant Panda Breeding Research Base 、 Yingxiu earthquake site , The journey was tense , From Yingxiu , It's still early. We'll drive directly to Dujiangyan .

We arrived at Dujiangyan at more than five in the evening , We temporarily added a landscape of Dujiangyan water conservancy project , When I finished walking, I was almost down .

Through the historical corridor of landscape design , Celebrities who have managed Dujiangyan water conservancy in past dynasties have left historical records of great achievements , And there are bronze sculptures for later generations to worship .

However, the design of Dujiangyan is different from what we imagined in our mind , It's not like the Three Gorges dam .

It's so beautiful here , It's designed by a genius , It took eight years to dig the mouth of the bottle and dig the mountain and river , Take a river with such serious drought and flood disasters more than 2000 years ago , With the wisdom of the ancients more than 2000 years ago , It's easy to give the design : 28 Paisha , Four or six parts of water .

Two thousand years ago , Actually, there is no Neijiang design here , Only Waijiang , That is to say, all the water went to the outer river at that time , The outer river leads to Leshan , So it caused the flood disaster at that time , Later, people may have built the Leshan Giant Buddha to pray for peace .( Personal opinion )

And here in Chengdu , Because there was no “ The mouth of the vase ” The design of the , There's no running water. It's going to Chengdu. It's going to , So it's prone to drought .

There was a drought on one side , On the other hand, there are floods , So Li Bing, the prefect of Shu County, designed to dig this Neijiang River at the mouth of baopingkou , Put all the water that should have flowed to Leshan , Some of them are quoted to Chengdu to share equally .

Directly divide the river into two , It's divided into two rivers , Neijiang River is used for irrigation , Its water is left to Chengdu through the mouth of a nearby bottle , Solved the Chengdu people's life 、 Agriculture 、 Industry 80% The export of , Since then, the two disasters of drought and flood have collapsed .

The Neijiang River ensures the irrigation water of Chengdu Plain in dry season , The remaining 40% flows to the outer river , But in the flood season, when there is a lot of water , Waijiang river is a natural river bed , Its river is wider than Neijiang River , When there's plenty of water , Water will not flow slowly to the lower places where there is less water , When there is more water, the water level rises and the flow rate accelerates , It's going to push quickly to a wide place , So in the flood season, there are six layers of water flowing to the outer river , It's just the reverse , This is called Si Liu Ping Liao Han , This four and six don't mean which side , It will automatically adjust according to the season , Let's see which side needs , Where is six , Where there is no need, there are four sides .

B.C 256 year , B.c. 2270 many years , It's been used since it was built , It is mainly composed of three assistant parts , Fish mouth 、 Feishayan 、 The mouth of the vase , There are three main assistant parts , They are complementary and indispensable .

The ancients used bamboo cages and horse forks to overcome rigidity with softness , See here the importance of reading and knowledge !

Chadouniang : Dujiangyan is located in the west of Dujiangyan City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province , It is located on the Minjiang River in the west of Chengdu Plain , It was built in the last year of emperor Zhaowang of Qin Dynasty ( B.c. 256~ front 251)[2], It is a large-scale water conservancy project built by Li Bing and his son, the governor of Shu County, on the basis of bieling's excavation , From the mouth of the dividing fish 、 Feishayan 、 The mouth of the vase and other parts , For more than two thousand years, it has been playing a role in flood control and irrigation , Make Chengdu Plain become flood and drought 、 It's wild " the land of abundance ", So far, the irrigation area has reached 30 Yuxian City 、 It covers an area of nearly ten million mu , It's all over the world so far , The oldest 、 The only thing left 、 Still in use 、 A grand water conservancy project characterized by diversion without dam , It embodies the industriousness of the ancient Chinese working people 、 brave 、 The crystallization of wisdom .

Water conservancy project has been more than 2000 years , Because every dynasty has been maintaining , So it's still working today . Chengdu people's life 、 Agriculture 、 Industry 80% You can't do without this faucet design here , Call the tap here to spit water , The faucet in our house is also named for this .

It's said that Li Bing and his son control water , In history, it took Li Bing 30 years to build this water conservancy project , Even though he lived to be sixty , But it took a lifetime , He has no son , Because people respect him , So I sent a legendary son to him , Yang Jian, the God of Erlang in the list of gods .

First of all, Du Fu's 《 Go upstairs 》 There is a sentence in the poem :“ The spring scenery of Jinjiang comes to the world , The floating clouds in Yulei have changed from ancient to modern .” This is the Yulei mountain .

Hemingway once said in his book that :“ If you were lucky enough to have been to Paris when you were young , So no matter where you go in the future , It will follow you for the rest of your life .”

indeed , The scenery we've seen , People I've met , Will imperceptibly affect our insight and understanding .

What's unexpected is that , Dujiangyan is still so beautiful after a thousand years , The benefits are great !