Art garden assembly No. 133: lights

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Preface : The lamp , It's peaceful 、 Warm ; The lamp , It's focused 、 Selfless . It's never tired , Push people forward ; It's dedicated to , utter devotion . It brings light to the night , Light up the way of pedestrians ; It adds a touch of beauty to the years , It's full of love and joy .

A lamp is treasured in the humble room , There is deep feeling in the rust .

When the cotton core burns out, there is no regret , Leave the afterglow and the moon .

Several times in my dream , More fishing lights .

One year, one river , I don't know when I'll go with you again .

Sansheng is only crazy for one person , Drawing old poems with eyebrows under the lamp .

It's hard to get together again , Only listen to the wind dance Apricot Branches .

The sound of the wind , Cold rain .

Who sighs that the clouds turn to tears . How to express feelings when you are sad .

Light a thousand lights , Look at Qiandeng .

Go to Lingshan and think about it for a few minutes . The city is full of fallen flowers .

Lonely night ,

The spring rain is beating on the window ,

Open your bleary eyes and turn on the bedside lamp ,

I picked up a book and fell asleep again .

The book lies snoring ,

By the soft light of the ceiling ,

Split the words into a warm poem ,

The tears of the lamp flow silently on the cool walls .

Spring thunder wakes up the dream pillow ,

Leaning against the tearful wall ,

The nailed lamp hopes to release its emotion ,

Who can open the window and let the light beam fly freely in the night sky ?

A wisp of smoke rises from the fire

The night begins to talk to human beings intimately

When the wick in the bronze starts to burn

The shadow begins to keep company with the soul that runs away

When the candle in front of the shrine no longer goes out

People began to worship the altar of doubt

later , So God died

The lights in the city are becoming colorful

Maybe , In the cave of thought

There will always be a wall

Blocking the light to the Holy Land

however , Even if it's a long time

I also want to break away from the inherent limitations and shackles

Find my little bit of blazing light

The wind is dark , Whistling strangely

There is a shadow in a hurry

From time to time came the sound of footsteps

At the moment , Eyes need light

A consolation of exhortation

Lightning burns the storm

The road is near or far

I can't measure my foot

light , A tiny ball of fire , Moving in the rain

cry …… Breath sound

See the wet under the umbrella

Tick by tick , This lamp is in good condition

Move forward with each other

Street lamp girl , The wind and rain keep on

Wet you

You're silent , Don't go

Still here

Street lamp girl , You're in the daytime

still , quietly

Your evening , As scheduled

Stay here

Street lamp girl , You're alone

Being pushed out by the black woman

You follow me through

I can't warm you

Street lamp girl , You light up

I , I'm leaving you

Travel time , I just want to

Hold you , Warm you

Your night , I'll light the light for you

I want you to , To my other side

livelong night

I just want to be with you

Your night , I'll light the light for you

Regardless of fate

Hello , I feel at ease

No regrets in this life

Your night , I'll light the light for you

Listen to your call

As time goes by

Like a blooming petal

Your night , I'll light the light for you

The vertical and horizontal ties are scattered

At both ends of the world

You are my other side

The world of lights


too many things for the eye to see

Like a poem, like a dream

A lamp is a confidant

Appear to be

Spread the light

Give people hope

The lamp


All the time

The family of lights

Each has its own division of labor

live together in peace together

The lamp


The debut

Open the bright and gorgeous

Incandescent lamp

Like a little sun


Warm light

It's like a little orange moon

Warm and romantic

Shadowless lamp

Like a star

Protect life

The neon lights

It's like a bright bouquet

Blooming in the night sky


Rock lights

It's like a spinning magic ball

resplendent with variegated coloration

sing merrily and dance gracefully

like a man who was drunk or dreaming


It's like the eyes of the city

Crystal clear its brightness dazzles the eyes

I suddenly think of that one when I was a child “ Little orange lamp ”

Although it's a bit old

But it's still in my heart

Hope to become a lamp

Light yourself up

Give people light

Your eyes

There is no high or low

Only by working hard

Your world

There's calm

There are also rough seas

Your stage

Rich and colorful

In different poses and with different expressions

Your life

Only light

There is no darkness

Your pursuit

Natural simplicity

Simple happiness

Your mission

Light yourself up

Give people light

You're like a confidant

In silence

Waiting in front of my bed

Your gentle eyes

Soothing my eyes

Moistening my heart

Ever since you came to my bed

I don't know how to accompany me

How many nights

But never cry for injustice

Your duty to the night

It's so conscientious

No regrets

When the sun rises The morning bell rings

I wake up from my sleep

You're still quiet

By my side

All night No complaints

One day I had a whim

I want to press a chip for you

To lighten your burden

This device

It can be controlled according to the opening and closing of the eyes

The eyes close automatically

Open your eyes automatically

It may be a fantasy

But anyway

You give me love and consideration

I'm very grateful for all of them

I should have your contribution in my poems

Lovely bedside lamp

You not only bring me light

It also makes me see good hope

In the world of lights

There's a kind of light

have a style of one 's own


It's not so much a lamp

It's more like a handicraft

It's carved by a craftsman

This kind of lamp

It's a patent for winter

Inlaid in ice and jade

Crystal clear



This kind of lamp

It's not just giving people light

It's also pleasing to the eye

Please guess what light it is ?

you 're right , It's an ice lamp ,

A magic and unique lamp .

In the capital

There's a great place to watch ice lanterns

At the foot of the Great Wall

Yanqing Longqing gorge

It's also 2022 One of the venues for the Winter Olympics

The annual Ice Lantern Festival

Especially fascinating

I went to see it more than once

The background of the ice lantern exhibition area is the towering reservoir dam

The ice falls down

In different poses and with different expressions Like Yushu Such as Qionghua

spectacular lead one into the interesting part of sth

Wandering in the colorful

Crystal clear ice lamp world

All kinds of colorful lights

Integrated with ice sculpture dazzling

At the moment

As if immersed in a huge crystal palace

It's like wandering in a colorful dream world

Ice lantern in Longqing gorge

Beautiful in front of my eyes Beauty is in the heart

gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory It's famous in Beijing

The night is quiet and quiet

The city sleeps in the embrace of the night

Occasionally the wind brings you the breath of missing

I stand in front of the midnight window and stare

The stars glide through the night and fall into the sky

The shadow of the moon falls quietly on the treetops

In this cold midnight

I seem to see you waking up in my sleep

Coming to me whispering

Your warm and burning eyes

Like the bright stars in the sky

You are the bright light in my eyes

Warm the silence of the night

You are the indelible light in my eyes

Light up the way I'm going

Whenever night falls

I like to look up at

The stars in the sky are as vast as the sea

Like bright lights

It burns like a fire

No more darkness between heaven and earth

The street lights roam under the stars

It was the most beautiful night in the world

Jumping lights

Beating my mind

It fills my memory with

Starlight dreams

I miss that once pain

Fission city is a fragment of LiuNian

My dream is silent in the moment

In the world of the night

There is one of the brightest lights

It's the most exciting yearning in my heart

You look at me with loving eyes

My crazy heart

Suddenly become so quiet

In this moment

I Believe

You're the way I'm going

I'm chasing

After you

The light you shine

It's my best dependence

Silent night

A lamp in the shack

It lengthens the depth and emptiness of the night

Playing with my heartstrings

Keep a cool night

The passing of time

In the end of the pen flows out a simple and elegant movement

I am the shadow of the night

It's the soul of the night

Keep the peace of fleeting years

Throbbing tenderness

Dense and clear feelings

Wake up my thin figure

The charm of trekking in the night

Silent years

With the night after night

Shake off the dust of memory

Blowing the dusty heartstrings

With a quiet tired face

Push the window and stare

Recite a intoxicated past

Fill the lonely heart with loneliness

Silent night ……

Still quietly spreading

Give me an old time

Sitting alone in front of the green moss growing window

The gray of wasted time

Light up the heart, a burning lamp

But after Qingming

Meet the lantern man in summer

Plants ignite the passion of spring

A willow is green

Peach blossom 、 Apricot flowers are

Can't wait for Gu Yu

Only the man with the lantern

Go to the top alone

To shine upon all things

I once wrote a poem for a poem and painting

What is the poem in that picture : I want to laugh , I want to shine

The dark night in the picture

Red candles

Dark green

I keep warm in the poetry without abandonment

In the light of tenderness

Tears in the font of yin and Yang complement each other

Moving in the corner where the smoke spread

Under the illumination of the light, I found that there was a faint temptation around the candlelight in poetry and painting

The most affectionate confession I ever made to that poet

The background of your wechat avatar is Lantern night scene

Under the Lantern , You're wearing the black cotton padded jacket I gave you

Lanterns are the brightest red, yellow and purple

Colorful light spots

In the bustling night scene , It took the limelight

I used to take out the background color

Lighten your face in shadow mode

I used to change the color of the background

Changed all kinds of cool colors

I want the dense scene to be brighter

Just shine on your face

Want pure white highlights to be brighter

Just shine on your face

The picture you sent me is a lantern night scene

You are the only protagonist under the lantern

You're wearing the black cotton padded jacket I gave you

Lanterns are the brightest colors

It's a dazzling mystery painting

It's like a colorful light spot flickering in a spider's web

Twinkle in the flowers

Flashing in the knife

Twinkle in all things that are not visible

Like dark green and light green, like leaves passing through deep red and light red spider webs

The red spider web , Like a violent Black Dance

It's like a dark green leaf passing through the spot light

Golden light, overprinted red cobweb , Like a moon

It's like a light green leaf, with the ends passing through the dark green leaves

Through the red spider web , The magnetic field of the converging center

Like a light green leaf, next to a twinkling star in a slit

A dark green leaf next to it helps it absorb the essence of the spider web

Blue sky like a knife , Mountain like blue sky

Grass like white clouds , Spaceship like grass

It's like a balloon flower , Like a rainbow of grass

All the colors in the world

All opposites in the world

It integrates all the thoughts of bandits in the world

It integrates all the spot light, golden light and high light in the world

Shine on your face

Your face is as dazzling as ten thousand lights

Bow your head

I can't pick up my lost courage

Every speck

Struggling to breathe


Chasing the shadow

Scattered terrors

Saved the attention of another world

It's not a knight in white

yes It's the spirit of fearlessness

More than that

That's the light in my heart

Each step

It's just a flawed movement

Just the light Understand its value

To my father


I'm in and out

It doesn't seem to matter much to you

Light in your eyes

You may be surprised

The beauty of my appearance

But you will never notice my warmth

I might shine on a dark night With the temperature


I can give you the brightness you want

But I'm on or off

It's entirely up to you

If you reach out , I'm so close to you

If you don't move , I hide in your darkness

It's a kerosene lamp

Flash vividly in the memory

Light up the night of mountain village

It's not a round and missing moon

It's not a confusing star

It's the pea light

Mother has a needle and a thread

Put warmth into every day

I plant the seeds of knowledge in my heart

Hope takes root

That faint yellow

Light up the countless dawn

This immortal heart lamp

Turn it into a power that never stops

( One ) street lamp

The street lamp is dim

Quietly gazing at

The vicissitudes of the wind and the madness of the rain

( Two ) street lamp

The street lights are bright

Warm your eyes

Lost my way

( 3、 ... and ) heart

The light in your eyes

The energy in your poems

Enough to light my heart

Change is what you are

Persistence is your true feelings

Bask in the sunshine and bear the wind and rain

Light up a smooth journey

A red light is a ban on life

It's a long tassel inserted in the pass

Yellow light is the waiting on the road of life

Wait for the flowers to bloom ,

Green light makes life spring all the way

Go ahead with determination

The traffic lights of life

It's a test

Test one's quality and temperament ;

It's a rule

Everyone is equal before the rules

Only abide by the agreement

Only in this way can I enjoy the fragrance of flowers all the way

Through the sunset

The streets are ablaze with lights

Looking at the city's silent night by the window

You come across the mountains

Stand in front of me in a bright landscape

You are the bright light in my eyes

Light up the pallor of the night for me

For the glittering of my light

Warm my lonely and silent heart

Accompany me long night, the road is no longer confused, the heart is no longer desolate

I'm the only one left on our way , And you're going away .

—— .

In the Far West , It's a poor town , How poor ? The whole county , There are only a few street lights , There are even fewer that can light up , About three , No exaggeration , At night , It's dark , The countable star lights are like a boat swaying lonely in the sand sea , If you're not careful, you'll be annihilated here . Potholes in the asphalt road , You can't think it's just the surface of the moon , For all that , It's still in service , Because finance really can't afford to repair its wounds , People are used to its bumps , Cleverly avoiding the risk of falling into a hole ……([ Please click the blue word to read the full text )][Please click the blue word to read the full text]

I often imagine the world , Sentient beings , What will happen under the night light . It's looking down and reading , Sitting in front of the computer screen , Or flipping through the channels , Let time and space become a vague illusion .

Or with a cell phone , In a flash, I entered another world .

Maybe none of these are . When I'm thinking , Or get up and leave the table , Go to the window , Look out the window .

Out of the window in the dark , Occasionally see a little light , The mood is different , Some kind of time when I'm looking forward to rising , The heart beats like a drum , Knock on the ground , It's going up and down ……([ Please click the blue word to read the full text )][Please click the blue word to read the full text 1]

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