Did I take the initiative to learn to swim? No, it's jealousy.

2021-05-04 09:54:33  作者:Life journey

When I was very young , I've only been to the swimming pool once , The aunt next door took me to . After changing clothes , My aunt threw me into the swimming pool , I can't remember how long I choked in it , But it feels like a long time , Later, he was the brother of the lifeguard , The one who picked me up .

after that , I've never been to a swimming pool again , I never went out with that aunt again , Because I know , She's dangerous , Swimming pools are also dangerous .

When I was a Junior , There is an elective course in physical education , It's swimming . Because I don't like other elective courses , Combined with the , And that's the school swimming pool , I feel safe , Also want to overcome their fear of water , The fear of swimming , I signed up for this course . In the first class, the teacher said , In this lesson , There must be , Let's not have too much burden .

From the time I knew I was going to have class , A whole set of equipment from Taobao is on the way , Physically everything is ready , Only psychologically , There's something missing .

The teacher began to teach breaststroke , Hold your breath , Breathe , breathing , posture , Hold your legs , All taught . But even the most basic thing is to keep your head in the water , I feel scared , Not to mention holding your hands on your knees , The whole person is going to float on the water .

The boys in the next class , I'm on the side, too , The water in the swimming pool , It's not very clean , Choked a little , I feel sick , It's disgusting . Last 1 Points of credit , I got it. , But I didn't learn to swim , That set of equipment is on the table , Dust suction .

I love going to the seaside , Not to swim , Just to see the sea .

I like to see people free in the sea , I also envy those who can swim .

I always want to learn , But always a dwarf in action , Until I saw a circle of friends .

Friends are old friends for many years , I didn't know she could swim , But that day, she showed her record of swimming for half an hour , All of a sudden , A very strong idea came out of my heart : She can swim .

This idea of jealousy and disdain , Growing in the head , It's always expanding , All the time , I must learn to swim !

A trip to Menai , It gives us an opportunity , Our hotel has a swimming pool , So I asked my boyfriend to teach me how to swim .

In limine , I'm still afraid of water , But step by step , From closing your breath , It's time to dive , And then to learning posture , From fear of water to fear of water , From timidity to enjoyment , It took us two days , Although I still can't really start swimming , But I've been able to go far by myself .

The only way to stay in Meinai on vacation is 2 God , But in the swimming pool it's almost 4 In more than hours , I learned a lot , Also choked a lot of water . Now back to work , I also plan to go to the swimming pool to continue my study .

Point the day and await for it .

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