Essays on cremation and terror

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In the evening, the whole family get together for dinner , I ate grilled fish .

After dinner , I passed the fish grill , Looking at the dark people, we asked the fish master :“ How many sticks can I bake .”

The fish Master said :“ A grid , You can bake a grilled fish .”

After a while , Watch the grilled fish master take the grilled fish out of a lattice , Put another grid in . I asked :“ why ”? Master said :“ The temperature of each lattice is different .”

I look at the fish grill , It's like an alchemy furnace , Like a flying saucer , Like a fish cremator .

Think of cremation , I think of a nightmare my sister had the other night .

She dreamed that she was lying in the cremator , Consciousness is lucid , She wants to go out , Mom turns on the stove , Put your head in :“ Just a moment , The cremation temperature hasn't reached .”

Cremation ( Figure source network )

People always like to explain their dreams , But sister, this dream , No one can tell why .

My aunt and uncle run a small hotel here , They also eat grilled fish , But because the hotel has to receive , Two people eat alternately , When you eat grilled fish , It suddenly occurred to me that my sister said before , There will be a concert in the opera town recently , I said I wanted to go .

8 Some more , My sister asked the client if there was any concert there ? Customer said 6 A little bit more is the end , We changed our mind , Ready to go to rainbow bridge .

My aunt went to the parking lot to pick up my uncle's car , Because it hasn't been opened for many years , The signs on the road are a little unfamiliar , But the car is very stable , It didn't take long to reach rainbow bridge .

Rainbow bridge is a bridge hundreds of meters away , There are six elliptical rings on the bridge , The ring is accompanied by colorful neon lights , The local name is “ Rainbow bridge ”.

Nine o'clock in the evening , We didn't get to rainbow bridge for a few minutes , Rainbow bridge lights out .

Out of the dark , After the rainbow bridge , Through a village , Go to the main road .

We went back to rainbow bridge from the road , On the way .

I asked :“ Mom , Do you see the pier over there ”?

Mother said :“ I saw it .”

I said, :“ Here's the story .”

Mother asked :“ What story ?”

In the dark , I said, :“ There was a couple who died here .”

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