2021-05-04 09:41:30  作者:Photography

May Day holiday , Enjoy the park , I found a big clump of shrubs with dense branches and leaves , a wild profusion of vegetation , Little red flowers are gorgeous , Very eye-catching . Walk in and have a look , It's harp leaf coral , I like to linger in my heart .

The leaves of the plant alternate , Various shapes , It's oval 、 Obovate 、 oval shape 、 Violin shape , The tip is sharp or acuminate , Base obtuse , Leaf margin near base with several sparsely spines , The leaves are dark green , Under the young leaves are purplish red .

Cymes terminal , m. , Many budding flowers are full of temptation . Blooming flower sepals 5 petal , Long oval , With a flower plate ; The pistils are golden , Outer whorls slightly connate , Inner whorl filaments connate to middle , style 3 Branch base connate , stigma 2 crack .

The red flowers are in full bloom , The fruit is fresh and green .

Some of the green leaves of harp leaf coral look like a violin , The flowers are blooming , It's like a red coral on the bottom of the sea , Red fire , Festive , Live up to your reputation . People who appreciate flowers admire , cheer !