Cultural exchange in Handan, the capital of idioms, on the third day of Labor Day

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Go to Handan, the capital of idioms, for cultural exchange on the third day of labor day

writing \ chart Hao primary school Li Fengmei

The third day of labor day , According to the arrangement of Liu Gang, vice chairman of Hebei Sports Culture Association , Early this morning , By Meng Zhuang, the manager and co-worker 、 Huang ronghua, a manager born in Jiangxi and struggling in Shijiazhuang, drives a car , President of the National New Media Alliance 、 Vice president of Hebei famous enterprise College of Arts 、 Hao Xiaoxue, Secretary of the Party branch of Shijiazhuang poetry society , professor 、 Painter Li Fengmei , And the famous deep researcher of Chinese culture I specially invited 、 Mr. Li Baochen, my good teacher and good friend for decades, together , It's the only city in China that hasn't changed its name for thousands of years 、 Handan is the birthplace of many idioms , Cultural exchange with the founder of Mengzhuang jingshe , Build a bridge for the learning and inheritance of the children of Guoxue in Shijiazhuang .

Mr. Li Baochen , From Kuancheng Manchu Autonomous County, Chengde, Hebei Province , Cultural scholars 、 Calligrapher 、 Poet . You are taught by your father , I'm very happy 《 Confucian classics 》, At the beginning of the fifties, I didn't change my mind , one principle runs through it all . More than 20 books , The classics are :《 An interpretation of the Analects of Confucius 》《 I Ching Shang Shi 》《 Moral business 》. The three great works are all interpreted from a commercial perspective , It has a great influence in the cultural circle .

meanwhile , He has also made great achievements in business management consulting , It has provided consulting services for hundreds of enterprises at home and abroad , Name thousands of businesses . It can be said that , Li Baochen is not just a cultural scholar , It's people with cultural wisdom and business thinking .

In recent years, Mr. Li has often done comprehensive training for enterprises or entrepreneurs , All achieved good results . Of particular note , Because of writing , He basically has no time to study calligraphy , But with superhuman perseverance , It took ten years , Expensive pen, ink, paper and inkstone , In the aspect of cursive, it has a unique style .

According to introducing , After years of efforts of Mr. Meng Zhuang's team , By reading through the classics 、 Cultivate character 、 The family education 、 Physical training and other courses , Cultivate children's knowledge in an all-round way 、 bearing 、 pattern 、 Physique 、 Horizons 、 Self cultivation, etc , To cultivate erudition 、 Strong physique 、 Good character 、 For the purpose of talents with lofty aspirations . Its teaching practice activities have been promoted in Handan education system , And happy to bear fruit , The trained disciples have been distributed at home and abroad , Well received by trained families .

After visiting and exchanging , We have reached a good cooperation intention , To contribute to the inheritance and development of the excellent culture of the Chinese nation . In order to promote friendship, Mr. Li and Handan are full of books 、 The room is full of books 、 A calligraphy and painting room full of ink , He told Meng Zhuang 、 Huang ronghua 、 Hao primary school presented him with a book that won the Guinness world record 《 An interpretation of the Analects of Confucius 》, In her humble home, Li Fengmei presented Huang ronghua with a beautiful Peony picture .