Wang Lou, the father of Shanhai hero League: lack of a good slapping beast in Shanhai classic

2021-05-04 09:13:24  作者:Photography

Goes the :“ Eat without saying , Sleep is silent .” Don't listen to old people , Lose at present , Our ancestors taught us to eat well when we eat , Don't talk , There are so many examples of talking at the table .

see , Recently, a leader in Henan slapped his subordinates when he didn't agree , I'm afraid the leader will never have dinner in the canteen again . I was thinking , This leader's slapping work is so superb , Is it some unique skill left out by master Jin Yong ? It's a huge wave all over the country !

《 And seas 》 There are a lot of supernatural animals with special functions , Is there anyone who is good at slapping ? It seems that no , if 《 And seas 》 Is in “ The ritual ” After popularization, it becomes a book , It is estimated that there will be . It's the same as slapping , Different people use , The effect is very different .

“ There is a shaft in Henan , Zhang Da , Good at slapping , If you see it, you will die .” On the contrary, those who work hard 、 People who slap themselves on thin ice , But won the hearts of the people , It seems that slapping is really a magic skill .

——2021 year 1 The moon is in Jinling