Doudou has really grown up

2021-05-04 08:43:28  作者:Life journey

This may day period , I went back to my mother's home with my children for a wedding . In the process , Doudou's performance is remarkable , laudable , It's really much better than the last two years .

Two years ago , I took him back with me , At that time , He didn't dare to go to the crowded places , When someone says hello to him , He went into my arms , I dare not look at people . No matter who's talking to him , He didn't dare to talk to anyone , Even turn your face to one side , I dare not look at others . Seeing him like this , Everyone says , The child is so timid . Although I hold him with my heart , But I'm also worried about him , I don't want him to be a timid child .

This time back , He really changed . Ask him to say hello , He said hello in a big way , Seeing those grannies 、 uncle 、 aunt 、 Box , He was no longer afraid to hide . There are many strange children playing around , And he's happy to be part of it , And had a good time . I see delicious food when I eat , I also know how to share with people I know , He can also take care of his younger children . I see my uncle who worked hard for half a day back to his seat , I poured a glass of water for my uncle .

Relatives have children , For months , I see relatives are busy , I picked up the baby . I'm holding the baby , Here comes Doudou , I'm really worried that he'll fight , I'm not allowed to hold that baby , But I didn't expect , He likes children very much , And to find food and play for the child , Even want to hold this kid .

See these , I began to feel in my heart , Doudou has really grown up ! in the future , He can do a lot of things on his own , I don't have to worry about it any more !

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