Two day tour of Tiantai Mountain

2021-05-04 08:26:45  作者:Photography

The last vacation of primary school . Several children started their holiday plans early . I want to be able to play with water , Can set up a tent , It's barbecue .

All together , Tiantai Mountain in Qionglai is chosen , Country 4A Scenic areas , Water beauty , Lin you . Choose an inn in the mountains , The one with the big yard , Should be able to satisfy their wishes .

Nine in the morning. , polymerization , set out . Dad Xiong shared Gao De's group function , Join the same group , You can see everyone's position in real time , It's very suitable for multi family group travel .

Holiday travel , It's inevitable that there will be too many people . There were two accidents on the highway , Two hours by car , Three and a half hours . Narrow Panshan road , For novice drivers like us , It's also a big test . Be careful all the way , Finally arrived at the inn in the middle of the mountain at 12:30 .

The innkeeper has prepared lunch . Fresh bamboo shoots , leek , Farm eggs , Bacon , There's a feeling of going home .

The sun is burning , The arbor in the yard is full of cool wind . Pull out the meal in a hurry , Six kids, big and small , Can't wait to play , Playing poker , Play a game . Adults are busy cleaning up .

Stay cool , Let's go out and climb the mountain . A team of more than ten people , The majestic . The children are running in the mountains and woods , Green eyes . Behind the inn is a large tea garden , Walking through the tea forest , Watching the sky darken , Time goes by so long .

nightfall . After the barbecue , The children were fighting the landlord on the porch . Adults are sitting around in the yard drinking tea and chatting . the wind blew , The leaves rustle . The children's laughter waves across the night sky . Night in the mountains , Cool and refreshing , lively .

The bells of the ancient temple come from afar . The children who have been sleeping for half a night are finally tired , At the call of adults , I've left the scene . The thunder sounds , In the rustling rain , A night without dreams .

Early in the morning , Wake up with the crow of a chicken . Clothes push the door , The fresh air after the rain , With the fragrance of leaves . Two stretches under the eaves , Take a deep breath , Stretching every pore . I wish I could go back to the mountains , Sunrise and , whether . Go to sleep with the sound of frogs , Smell the crowing of chickens and get up . This is the wish of many people .

Today's trip , Go to the scenic spot to play in the morning , Visit the bamboo sea in the afternoon . After breakfast , Take a sightseeing bus to the top of Tiantai Mountain . Infinite scenery in the mountains . The top of the mountain is flat , vision , Cypress woods , The stream is clear . What a natural oxygen bar .

The children can't wait , Start fighting with a water gun . In the mountains and rivers , The smiling faces of the children , It's the most beautiful scenery in the world . In a few months , These kids are going to junior high school , Would they have such a relaxed and joyful time at that time ? Laugh and make fun of it, kids , These are the childhood you're going away from .