"Jianshu poetry conference" 127

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There are few idle people in the countryside in April , It's just sericulture and planting

Opening remarks

Ladies and gentlemen , Predestined meeting ; Don't miss it ! Jianshu poetry conference No 127 It's time to start , Give a reward to the rich , No money to hold a field , Please give me a like , The joy of the collection !

Gossip , Talk now !

Caohui Town Road :

Good conscience , See also the new issue , Gratified !

The flowers meet the rain, and the spring is late , The young apricot lowers the tree . Flowers bloom and fall naturally , Seasonal operation follows the way of heaven . Spring goes, summer solstice is full of wheat , Rain begins to ripen the grain . Farmer Huitian is busy planting rice seedlings , The old nest of Ziyan breeds new ones .

In the east 1234 Avenue :

The flowers fall in late spring , The breeze is not dry, and the swallows return . The partridge chirps in the south , Yangliuluoyi Dang shore . It's hard for the wild Taurus to work , Farmers raise seedlings and dye rice fields . But summer is coming , In the poetic painting Sao Ya Pian .

Looking for poems and words : eight-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme • Fangfei April day

When is the most beautiful scenery , It's April day . The peach blossom of a mu is better than the brocade , Wang Sunfang is green and smoky . Bees fight for honey, thousands of dances , Swallows peck at the new mud and fly with wings . Such spring is not enough , I can only tell you how comfortable I am .

Mountains and rivers, merciless sword ( Zhou Yong ) Avenue :

eight-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme · I cherish the spring dusk in the rainy season

The east wind blows the willows and covers the tower , The rain is falling and the fog is not opening . There is no alternative , The return of the familiar swallow . Knowing that the sun is warm and the clouds follow the geese , Suddenly, I feel fragrant, sorrowful and mossy . Wandering by the river in the late spring , When I heard the sunset, the cuckoo was sad .

Enjoy the new work of the conference , Thank you for your hard work , Greetings to friends of poetry Chun'an . Seven rhythms and , Cherish spring in the light of Ming Dynasty .

Nalan Hui is like a Taoist : Tell the truth · Slanting rain through the window

Peach blossom two two dye coagulate fat . When it's snowing and raining . The stars were like you last night , The eyebrows and eyes are so bright .

I'm sorry , Tease oriole . Ask that . Erhai lake , Return is poetry , Leaving becomes a word .

Yuzi said : Tell the truth Mountain night travel

When the green mark is exposed and the flowers are falling . Warm grass in spring . The current is deep under the moon , Hidden birds are singing .

Looking for a secluded place , Ask Ganoderma lucidum . Send your message . Will be the top , Think of the end of the world , Better than fairies .

In the east 1234 Avenue : Seven word verse · Hua Chunyan

The river is full of colorful colors , The breeze is not dry and the sunny day is blowing . The green fragrant trees are still dew , There is smoke in the curling willow . Bees and butterflies are especially suitable for flowers , There is no place for birds to sing in the garden . The setting sun is shining in the wilderness , The rain is flat and the slope is bright . In the morning, go to Jinniu to cultivate wheat , Who can dye the rice fields with colorful Phoenix ? Sheng You leads me to fill in words and sentences , Forget the opportunity of witticism . How many scenes can be found at random , When the painting is beautiful, the spring is beautiful .

( The first sentence rhymes , Pingshui rhyme first )

Elegant road :

1, In late spring

The sun shines on the clear sky , Light with the wind .

Long street is like snow , Rose in lane corner .

The trees are deep , Looking for fragrance and smelling shallow clumps .

Fang CI is beautiful in spring , Another touch of Xia Linglong .

2, Sophora japonica

The kingfisher flies around the tree greedily , The branches are decorated with snow and jade . The morning light is beautiful and clear , April Spring sound can pick Wei .

Willow catkins smell jade buds , Flying like a butterfly around the clouds . You open the valley rain, after leaving spring , And since the sweet summer flowers .

The long streets are blooming again , I don't like the spring sun and the rain . It's elegant and fragrant , Leisurely as a butterfly around the village .

Farmer road in the mountains : Yi jiangnan .《 The spring rain is lingering 》

In the curtain , The spring rain is lingering . Willow thin peach blossom eyebrow eye frown , Friends from afar are happy . Poems on wine .[ Ci Lin Zhengyun : Bai Juyi ( body )]

Old Muzi road : Four-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme . Drunk spring

Spring wind and spring rain is the time , Blowing green and watering willow branches . The lake is bright and colorful , A hundred flowers blooming, intoxicating .

Poetic :

April also see green apricot small , Deep in spring, I don't feel the fragrance of flowers . A pot of old wine sleeps grass , The sound of cuckoo is long .

Bright moon and clear spring road :

It's sunny, it's cloudy, it's blue , Good spring breeze in April . Come to the fragrant place , Drunk, the countryside is red .

Jiangnan rain ( Xia Zhaohui ) Avenue :

1, Shengchazi . rusticate

The water is gurgling outside the door , There are thousands of bamboos behind the house . A shed of melons in the courtyard , Pear trees outside the wall .

The wind comes from the valley , The water goes to the west mountain . Hands can pick stars , Step on Yunzhong road .

2, Nanxiangzi . What I saw and heard in the mountain village of late spring

Spring water fills the Yaoxi river , The north and the south come and go . There's no place to look , blurred . A cloud, a ten mile dike .

The dog plays with the yellow chicken , Two swallows perch on the beam . The sound of the flute is heard , Dependence . How many pedestrians are confused .

Dry road all day long : Cherish the flowers · Watching spring

Pear white , The grass is green . I want to explore outside the city , Tourists everywhere . Let's watch the spring together . Taoli Yaoyao , There is no trace of smoke .

The stream , The soft belt is narrow . Let silk willow brush , What's the plan . Pianyun, Shuangyan, Pingwu, Ji . The wind is light and continuous , Blowing memories .

In the book, the woodcutter said :

1, Picking mulberry seeds On foot

The outing channel is clear , Grass and wormwood , Bamboo shoots are new . Rich in gold and silver, late spring .

The singing bird is affectionate , Duck beak Yangbin , Dog barking mountain village . It's like a peach garden .

2, eight-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme On foot

Teachers and workers organize to go through the lake , Ten li spring breeze makes you happy . Blue sky and cloud show above my head , The flow in the channel is measured by foot . I often see the bee's shadow , Listen to the birds in the forest . Singing like a dream all the way , Physical and mental fatigue suddenly disappeared .

Mountains and rivers, merciless sword ( Zhou Yong ) Avenue :

Ancient style music house · Gu Yu admires peonies and chants 35 rhymes

Things in the world , The plants are beautiful , You can plant thousands of flowers . Precious fresh peony , Charming and enchanting . The prosperity of peony has changed since Tang Dynasty , National color praises Tianxiang biography . When Wu Tuo became emperor, she made Fangyan , Du Er resisted Luoyang's demotion . No fence, no chance , Caixia wears neon clothes . Meiji Wei Zili Yao Huang , Lord Qian, luogong is always . Purple is the queen of yellow flowers , There is no match in the world . Chang'an love, a great imperial palace , Sing praises and eulogizes to present caihan . Warm and smoky , Yanxiyuan , Cuilie and Zhulan protect the immortals . The jade tent, the Shengge and the Chenxiang Pavilion , Yao Tai's friends stay in Feitian . Xiangnong is loved by the scenery , The flower knows the rain and dew . This year, it is clear that the demon is in a state of drag , Next year is better than this year .

This year, Shao medicine , Nannefjuan .

Peony is true , Beautiful country and beautiful city .

Mi Fei is more charming than GUI , Han Ling wrote a poem .

In the jealous boudoir , In the west garden .

It's cloudy and sunny , Things change , Or by rain, by lightning . In front of the stage , He an ? The wind blows away all the debris . It's miserable to be without care , A gentleman has no choice but to be extraordinary . The wind is warm , Before summer , Flowers and immortals gather in an endless stream . The red tide is like the sea , Purple pistil red lip face pill . All kinds of beauties are beautiful , Boast of Yuye's virtue .

Peony King , Qi is detached , If you are not humble or arrogant, you will meet Ann . Li doesn't fight for favor , Rich people don't want high officials . Expensive is not inferior to cheap , Reputation is not unique . The wise appreciate the benevolent , Stop and linger . Peony is worthy of the title of Queen , Wanhui respected it as the top of the crowd .

National color and fragrance , Precious Peony , Yao Huang Wei purple brocade flower group . Beautiful , Huaxiazhan , The treasure is brilliant all over the world . Have you noticed , In the Tang Dynasty, the monarchs and the people had great pity on themselves , Nowadays, people like to cry . Have you noticed , Famous broadcast everywhere , Make up for the spring . Bring a pot and a cup , Around Zhu lan , My heart is broken. I cherish peony . It's hard to keep grain rain and wind , I'll leave you and thank you . Dense orchid and musk are thin , The scattered clouds lightened . How many times are you drunk , Who is greedy for wine ?

Old tree road :

Rain in the valley and spring in the evening , Peony fragrance .

Rich multicolored decorations , Poetry is full of fragrance .

A brave man is a fool : Yi jiangnan

Jiangnan is good , You dream of ancient poems . The flowers of the Yao River are flying , The extraordinary jade in the immortal pool is full of rainbow light . It's the best in the world .

The food is beautiful , Pith soaked and everlasting . Clear scenery, ripples and blue mirror , Beautiful wind and rain wash crystal wall . Intoxicated and comforting .

The poem is dull : Falling flowers and flowing water, spring will end

Flowing water sends flowers , Acacia dream boat .

Spring is old at will , Who is the moon round for .

Good wine is tasteless , The empty branch is more pitiful .

Where can I send it , Night and night to sleep .

Suxin orchid road : The cast operator • Send spring

A warm fragrant wind , A clear rain . The bottom of the flower plays with butterflies , Yingyan dance .

I'm afraid I'll send spring back , I want to stay in spring . Spring goes without a trace and never comes back , Who can solve the pain of heart .

West Tower Road : The cast operator • Chunxin

Pull out the white cloud paper , Pick out a flowery sentence . The rain line is light and the water surface is low , Man dance Lingbo step .

It looks like a fairy , Things are always negative . I don't know you all over the mountains , They all make mistakes .

Shiyin said : The cast operator • Chunxin

Sleep a fine curtain , Forget the spring road . Alone at the window , There are countless red branches .

And don't miss each other , I miss you again . Where are you when the flowers fall ? Hate to mistake the covenant for .

The cicada said : The cast operator • Chunxin

The wind makes the jade curtain charming , The curtain moves and the wind blows in . Why are flying flowers in disorder ? Cut off the road to the world of mortals .

The clouds and the water carry the soft spring , Green grass with spring green . More leakage sleepless dream , Want to send Acacia words .

Su Yidao : The cast operator • Chunxin

The wind turns low , The curtain moves, who enters ? When red flowers fly down , Where the eyes and brows are full .

A land of green and soft spring , Go to the sky . I'm afraid there will be no one in spring , The road to the world of mortals .

Bihai road : The cast operator • Chunxin

It was windy and rainy last night , Today flowers are dew . The purple swallow pecks at the spring mud , Busy building a new nest .

The grass returns in the spring , Flowers bloom again . The red leaves go in a hurry , Don't let the spring shine down .

Lazy stone road : The cast operator • Second pure heart orchid rhyme

Take advantage of the east wind , Flower dyeing depends on misty rain . No boat, no man , Sparrow tongue and waist dance .

Pick up the mother of Pearl and jade , Stop embroidering rouge . When peach and plum blossoms in Qingming Dynasty , The sound of cuckoos on the mountain is bitter .

Yi An said : The cast operator • Pear Blossom Second pure heart orchid rhyme

It's cold and flat , More rain . Such as ice in the jade branch , Why is it flying .

For whom are the fragrant bones buried , Life and death live together in spring . A million dust in the style of work , Not to mention the pain in my heart .

Half step of heaven : eight-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme Spring farewell

Wake up tired , Slightly cold days and warm seasons . The porch door is facing the rain of flowers , Qingye listens to the call of Partridge . It's better to be a person in spring than in summer , Zhu Ci's poems are similar to those of green . Don't say it doesn't mean to know , I'm willing to be an ordinary man .

Ye Yixin wrote : Begonia spring

White background spring light wakes the dream , Flower street has been gone for another year . Begonia was shy last night , Today is April day .( Chinese new rhyme )

Feihong snow dance road : Zhan Chunfang Deep spring singing

Spring wants to grow old , Nanshandai , The road reflects the fairyland . The wild crane is lonely . Willow warblers sing and make noise .

A spring flower . I feel withered , Sighing about youth . I want to hide my beauty in the deep , Zhuang diehongpa .

( Ci Lin Zhengyun )

Zhang Chengyu said : Flowers slow in the rain · Floriculture

Pity me for standing in the wind , Wild path and lonely mountain , Everything is changeable . Last year, the snow broke , White hair cream . There are many new flowers , The years are colorful , Looking at the vast . When you meet the color of your country, you will be driven by it , A stranger in the countryside , Wandering alone .

Beauty is old , The green shirt is still wet , See all the purple air . Because of the background 、 It's late in laurel and early in plum , The chrysanthemum is short and the cherry is long . Flowers fall and bloom , Linger only for the aftertaste . Very spring , It's half as bleak , Half lost .

Jiangnan rain ( Xia Chaohui ) Avenue :

Xijiang month . Look at old photos at night

Green mountains are not old , It's hard to understand fleeting time . No sleep at night , Leave a piece of chicken feather .

It's always like a dream , The past is like smoke . One is colder than the other , The shadow of the moon is still far away .

Mountains and rivers, merciless sword ( Zhou Yong ) Avenue :

1, Ancient style music house · Two hundred words of appreciation of bamboo in late spring

Xiuzhu Yiyu is not a plant , High moral integrity, high social status and high social status . Ye shencui , Gan senbi , There are many mountains and rivers . Clear wind far Cen entertainment empty valley , Looking at the curving threshold, overlooking the clear pool . Color soaked clouds, desert shadow ripples , Green clouds gather in summer and green in the morning . It's drizzling with rain , Herons and cranes roar and autumn cicadas hiss . Between the stone and the gold, there are Sheng and Yu , When the spring rings .

Good night moon , Winter snow , The meaning can be seen in the archaic sound . Eyes and ears clear , Look happy . It's like being brave and brave , Tuoyousong zhuojie .

Pu Liu is weak , Peaches and plums are empty , singing 《 Qiao 》 Yu Guofeng . You sing a song under the bamboo , Zhong xuanxi banquet is in it . Qixian mu , Six tracks , It's a good thing to pursue all the time . What's more, Minggu is interesting , Tenghua Gepi flying green dragon .

Empty his heart , It's true , Four seasons did not change Ke and ye . The world is vast and quiet , I follow the example of Zhujun and cultivate my virtue .

2, Ancient style music house · Gu Yu admires green bamboo and chants 32 rhymes

Sex likes bamboo , Green and blue , The courtyard becomes an interesting and elegant hall . Ink on the desk wall , The tea table is beside the mat . Bamboo for home use , Mei Lanfang lives in four fields . It's autumn , Cong Ju Huang , The two gentlemen touch each other . Interesting and elegant poetry all day long , It's cool, it's sparse, it's deep .

A gentleman has a good heart , With its integrity and virtue .

I adore its simplicity , And yet it is still vast .

Shi Nong Xian Qing Yin , The sound of the whistle is long .

Heaven and earth extract spirit , Cover the clouds and the sun .

Pour the sea and row the mountains , The wind sculpts the green clothes .

It's better to be quiet , The density is even , There is no king in the forest . He was born proud and ambitious , Take root on the ground and abandon fame . It's a natural state , Elegant rhyme, simple and pure .

Straight and hollow , The bone is thin , Strong and unyielding . When the trees fall, the rain falls , The body is warm and cold all the year round . The water blooms are falling in a thousand ways , There's no place to stay when the wind blows .

The beginning of spring to express the depression , Thunder and frost . The rain blows, the spring breeze blows , Light clothes, thin bamboo shoots and greedy population . Green arrow and green light on the cloud , The sky is high and inspiring .

It's as far as smoke , So close , Beautiful and vigorous . In a remote and poor country, I feel at ease , Healthy, simple and elegant . It's a wonderful place to be , Chaimen's regular visitors are simple and elegant . The gentleman is so different , When I meet you, I am determined to live in peace . Gather Qi, concentrate and count nine , Peace and modesty .

In the poor forest , Jiangnan and Mobei .

It's like flying clouds , If the water is still flowing deep .

All sounds of rain , When the wind comes, the flute whistles .

Bend down and be open , Look up and be brave .

Stagger and pack , The vast expanse of heaven covers the earth . Lush and verdant, inheriting the aura , It's easy to lay and arrange .

For a gentleman , No luxury , Access to the same kind and help the world . Chrysanthemum and orchid accompany plum , The gathering of Seven Sages is for home .

Feihong snow dance road : Four-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme Ode to the green mountains

There are flowers everywhere in spring , You can see the green mountains and the rosy clouds . At dusk, I'm enjoying tea at the window , Jin Yan likes to see a thousand families .( Pingshui rhyme )

Zhu yindao : The rose sings

It rains in Jiangnan at the end of spring and the beginning of summer , The city is full of worries ? Fortunately, the rose is reaching the hairpin , The ancestor of rose, Manjing girl . The thorns under the flowers are untouchable , Before and after the flower, they all stand back . Flowers attract bees and butterflies , Good reason, good reason . Double petals and small flowers are gathered centripetally , The fence, the courtyard, the wreath . Open the door to the host , At dusk I see my master close the door . Shuicun mountain Guo wine flag wind , The flowers are drunk . No matter the flowers are drunk , It hurts to have a thorn or not . When I was a child, I picked roses in the north , The stinging wasp also chases . Winter roses bear red fruits , It's just like the red plum falling in the snow . The cold, the year and the spring , Where the heart is blazing, the soul begins . Love is deep, love is shallow , Rose cream dew cherry lips . What's the world like ? On the earth, on the sea, on the sky, on the river . Since ancient times, love is not afraid of thorns , I'm sorry for the delay . The wind goes, the wind comes, the flower comes , There is a legend about morning and evening . Green, fat, red and thin ? The flowers are withering and the leaves are weeping . Flowers in full bloom by the water , Teaching from afar is better than playing near ! The fragrance spreads with the wind , There's no smoke from thousands of miles away . Fireworks make a living , Love heaven, hate sea, how can you ? It's hard to be free for a while , It's hard to think about the past . At the beginning of summer when the rose blooms , Mei Qingliu, Cui Zui, Fu Su . The fog is all over Pinggang , Pearls on dewy flowers . Because the bluebird doesn't preach , Cuckoo doesn't know what to grow ? Roses are planted, roses fall , There is no difference in the beauty of roses ! The wild grows everywhere , Flying over the eaves, walking over the wall, planting roots . Heart to the sun and rain , I have a good feeling . The mountain is high and the road is far away , The setting sun shines at night and the swallow returns . I feel the time and make a rose song , The tiger sniffs and wanders alone .

The beauty of water and sky :

1, Four-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme Roses bloom in the south of the city ( Flat first bet Pingshui rhyme )

Flowering never compete with peach , Elegant fragrance dance half city . It's fun along the road , Butterfly habitat pistils hear the sound of bees .

2, Four-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme Rose is drunk in the blue sky

The flowers are fragrant and the leaves are thick , Rose is drunk in the blue sky . The West Tower is full of butterflies , Meet several times to talk about the old year ?

3, Four-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme When will the moon be reunited by the bridge

Peony shadow to willow smoke , Rose is like a fairy in one night . In the secluded lane, I cherish my old dream , When will the moon be reunited by the bridge .

4, Four-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme It's just like before

Siliu Fufeng shilixian , Rose blossom is famous . A dream of butterfly's leisure , It's just like before .

5, Four-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme Rose praises

Flowering never compete with peach , Elegant fragrance dance half city . Yellow, white, purple and red are all interesting , Butterflies perch on flowers and hear bees .

Master youyou said :

Look at the East chamber wall , The rose flowers several times .

White clouds in Nanshan , The kite is far from home .

The red leaves fall in spring , The stream flows through the fields .

Slanting shadow, setting sun , Liu Yanlong Tulle .

Mu Zhen ma Avenue :【 Five rows 】 Hard and happy life

Green mountains and dense forests , Green water chants poems .

Reminiscence of childhood , People who think bitterly and happily for a long time .

Xia Feng is not a liar , Winter rain has a fax .

The soil drags his feet , Play with stones and tie my heart .

Look for the old road in Chengtian , Woye builds a new village .

Ginkgo biloba fruit , Pomegranate embraces descendants .

Handsome men wear shorts , Pretty girls wear silk scarves .

By the moon, Xinghan , Bridge to see the clouds .

Read for a lifetime , Cultivate the land and strengthen the spirit .

When I was young, I didn't know how to be polite , Thanks for being old .

(《 Chinese Tongyun 》 Twelve en Five rows , Flat rhyme )

Canglang snow road :

Drunk song line ( One )

Pull a pot of wine sideways , The shadow of the sun is long .

The Yellow River sinks sediment , Green mountains and waves .

Thousands of years in the world , It's a light in the cup .

The wind blows the stars , The horse steps down the fragrance of flowers .

Long sleeves pat spring water , Piccolo and neon clothes .

Jinghong left a tiny step , The broken string is so loud .

Geng Geng is clean and thin , Misty clouds and water .

Joys and sorrows , Love, hate, think .

A thousand times to wash the ear , A hundred twists around the Rouchang .

The world is wide when you are drunk , It doesn't hurt forever .

Drunk song line ( Two )

Canglang a pot of wine , Long songs and laughter are impermanent .

It snowed last night , The fragrance of flowers this evening .

Swordsmen pick the stars and the moon , Beauty dances in neon clothes .

The old city is prosperous , The broken wall is desolate .

The stone washes the thousand back to white , The current is yellow .

It's spring dew , Withered grass bears autumn frost .

Green hills and rotten axes , Beauty robs tenderness .

Heaven and earth have spirit , Rivers have no sorrow .

When I wake up, I'll sleep all over the world , After drunk, lie in the wasteland .

If we meet on the street , From Rong Fu to Hua Zhang .

Drunk song line ( 3、 ... and )

Drunk in Xumi mountain , Floating on the sea .

Heaven and earth hold mustard seeds , Cups and bowls swallow sunlight .

Spring breeze dancing and falling flowers , Running water carries fragrance .

Pines live in secluded streams , The strings never ring in the air .

The star moon chess game is incomplete , It's a car and horse battle .

A hundred generations passed by , I've been fascinated by neon clothes for thousands of years .

I love you , Phrases and chapters .

The world is full of fireworks , The world has a long charm .

Forget the gains and losses , Let him be busy .

Wake up and get drunk , Don't remember the Han and Tang Dynasties .

Guo Daniu ( Guo Suhuai ) Avenue :

1, Miscellaneous feelings

It's better to drink than to drink , Looking out of the window, birds perch . Long life and pure heart , Thinking alone sometimes .

Live in seclusion and feel the world far away , Liushuigaoshan Ganzi stage . The more you meet, the more you feel , Cherish the passing years and recite poems together .

2, Sound eight ganzhou · It's raining

It's raining 、 A pool of willows and spring smoke , The wanderer returned to the south again . Don't dream of your hometown , Mountains and rivers , You are my friend . I'm still happy , When more wine comes . But love rises , Jieyu Huazhi .

I want to set my eyes on the fence , Looking at the remote mountains of Shu , What a strange path . Remembering the trace of youth , Melancholy knows from the heart . Read Bo Ya 、 Mountains and rivers , Xiao Dongpo 、 That's what counts . The singing place 、 It's raining , The morning is light .

Hu Guoying :【 recent . Spring dusk 】

Flowers fade, flowers fly away , The guest house is clear , The end of the world . The ten mile Pavilion hurts the green trees , Stay in the old happy place .

Du Yu's voice is in March , The cold night is sad , Canmengqing is like this . I'm full of sorrow and tears , Alone with the rain .

( The fourth part of Lin Zhengyun Qin Pu Feng Yansi style )

The master of quanzhai said : Gaoyangtai · Spring dusk

The river is flowing , It's raining on the stream bridge , Qingming passed Xitang . When you bend your fingers , One spring brings Xiaoxiang back . No one drinks tea wine , I expect tonight 、 So much better than the . It's always been years 、 Share your leisure , Share the tender .

Qiong Yao and Yu Rui should see all , It's April , Don't be more flustered . Be careful with light cars , But teach more spring . Dongfeng Jinxiu takes it home , Drunk and prosperous 、 Don't wake up . Laugh at the world of mortals 、 Plan three thousand , It's a lonely window .

Press 《 The imperial Dictionary 》 Gaoyangtai · The lights are burning in the spring ( Liu Zhen ).

Muyutang road : Spring day travel

The green willow dyke is clear when the wind blows into the water , Ziyan loves Huying . Peach red rubs pear blossom rain , Shake and intoxicate Huaixiang and mailangqing . The wild hornet flies , Camphor bamboo in the courtyard is rich and noble . The cuckoo wakes the mountains and rivers , The parrot calls for good luck . Surging China, the bright moon laughs , The sun is shining . All the people gathered to celebrate Shengping . The Dragon rises , Hua Xianing . The sea has changed for thousands of years , Yanhuang is prosperous today . It's all dark , Cock crow . Mo Dao is usually in , Spring is more emotional . Colorful clouds flying in the sky , The beautiful day moves with time .

A boat of stars says : Linjiang fairy • farming

The spring breeze provokes the nostalgia tonight , Qingming Valley rain farming . One plough, three inches of soil , The father of the cattle farmer waved his whip .

Sweat sprinkles thousands of domains and nourishes green pistils , Bosheng hopes spring . Remember the chapter of compassion for farmers in my heart , The original intention was in Jiashan .

There is a clear snow path in the west mountain : Linjiang fairy Farming

Weeding and sweating in the afternoon , At dusk . Looking at Tong Lao leaning against chaimen . A year's plan begins in spring .

Work hard for the autumn harvest , Hard work . In the four seasons in the morning . I sigh to the person in the mirror .

Shuding said :【 Linjiang fairy 】 Planting melon

Another year, spring is good , Go and plant cucumbers in the backyard . Ask Tao Gong if he can borrow a hoe . Also buried in the heart and other new shoots .

It's going to be cloudy and sunny , May the sky live up to its youth . Dongfeng about two Ou tea . The setting sun slants on the late branches .

( He conglomerates )

Kaiyuan Road in the west mountain : Linjiang fairy . Work at ease

I'm happy to run to the waves , Since when the wind and rain . Ten years of hard work is hard to stop . A glass of wine at night .

Heaven rewards hard work and changes bones , Full of hope . Work in the world of mortals is also enjoyable . Walking slowly and singing .

High mountains and rivers : Linjiang fairy / City builders praise

Streetlights and helmets , Welcome tower crane with smile . A body of muddy water to send back crows . I'm still crying baby in my dream .

Add bricks and help green tiles in cold and summer , Sweat poured thousands of flowers . The shed looks up at the new moon . There are thousands of lights in other people's house .

Xishuidao : Linjiang fairy • Happy Labor

The small building has been abandoned for a long time , Dust and spider silk . The old eaves are low, dark and moldy . More boring, more frowning .

Today, Xiao Lang came to sweep , Women and husbands sing after each other . I've been working hard all day . Peeping through the window of the moon .

Donglin road : Linjiang fairy · The document states the mind

Penglai failed to fulfill his life wish , The world of mortals has been lying at their desks for many years . When the words are in full swing , I'm going to pay for it .

It's hard to distinguish between labor and heart , But it should be worthy of money . Come back to the book to teach Taoism and Zen , Pay more attention to water and mountains .

Maolin students ( Lin Zhongshun ) Avenue :

Linjiang fairy •“ The May Day ” On Labor Day ( New rhyme )

Moving bricks and tiles with iron plow , The spring tide is in a hurry . I'm sorry for the farmers . The scenery here is unique .

The courtyard is so deep that there are many flowers , The swallow comes to trim the residual red . Love is the same as cloud temples and snow . The mandarin duck swims in the water and laughs at the empty .

The road by the Horse Lake :

April , The season of transplanting rice seedlings

Lying in the seedbed for a long time

Gu Yu wakes up the dream of seedlings

The wings are stained with green

The temperature of the paddy field is warmed by the wind

The blood of the seedlings began to boil

It's the thought in my heart that keeps rising

The plow wakes the terrace

The blue print is tinted in the water

Birds stop in the sky

Jump out of the irregular staff and spring ploughing movement

The setting sun is lit by the distant mountain

A couple of wild ducks are finally perfect

We rowed away the boats alongside the reservoir

Their night It's dreamland

The moon rises

The seedlings are illuminated by the stars

All over the terrace

Then he was ordered to stand in line by the wind

April storms

In layers of terraces

Shake up the golden hope and light

Ladies and gentlemen , This is the end of the poetry conference . What if you want to know what happened , Let's hear the decomposition next time !

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