[brush neon clothes] Solitaire competition (No.24)

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Jiuzhou Poetry Group wishes all Jane friends : happy International Workers ' Day !

Nalan Hui is like a Taoist : Brush your clothes · Gorgeous and lonely

Li CI Zhang , I once sang the song of the mist . Sing the wind and the moon , Just send your thoughts to the palace merchants . The string is singing everywhere , Song on the water side . Brush your clothes . Apricot blossom day 、 Gorgeous and sad .

What happened in the south of the city , It's short 、 Don't be far away . Who is willful , You can't be too much of an affectation . The snow and frost are green , Rain and dew wet sorghum . Why not . Thank you so much 、 Gentle to the flowing Cup .

Zhang Chengyu said : Brush your clothes · In the Spring Moon

At the beginning of the month , Five claustrophobia, five separation . On the West floor , A window is clear and half covered with moss . It's five o'clock and three o'clock , Red and white . Lower order . Don't take pity on me 、 Who broke the purple gold hairpin .

Leisurely fall , There's half of it , There is no limit . Thousands of miles away 、 Dream of yellow sorghum and drunk green locust . The distant mountains slant into the willows , Yejing back to Taiwan . You can cut it . Let's take LiuNian as an example 、 Leave it to the oblivious .

Elegant road :

1, Brush your clothes . Ode to Mount Tai

Up to the top , The sky is rising in the sky . In the sea of clouds , Have you ever been a god of light and shadow . Only respect the five great mountains , Smart is better than smart . Bixiaxuan . Lu banju , Fang Cun lives in an .

Green pine , It's an eternal reputation , Confer power on . Wind and waterfall , Purple cloud ring on the top of Jade Emperor . Shi Lai Fei Bu Qu , The sky is full of candle and smoke . Sages and sages . Taishansheng , Only you Jiuzhou complex .

2, Brush your clothes . The past is like smoke

Alone on the fence , And think about the world of floating ? Remember no , Half angry, half laughing, half epileptic . Love is out of control , Love and love . I'm crazy . Haishi Alliance , Looking back over the years .

Now I have a little memory , Lonely heart , Don't be sad . Knowing advance and retreat , Don't worry about the first dream . My heart is tied up in youth , No doubt, no trouble . A thousand things . Ask the world of mortals , Where to feel sad !

By the way, Lin Zhong : Brush your clothes • Late spring ( New rhyme )

It's sunny in late spring , In the morning, the rising sun and the flowing warbler . Flowers are not enough , Lu Longling is deep in green and red . Cliff flying waterfall , Withered leaves sweep the Pavilion . A bamboo cross . If the flute blows 、 Yunke travels around the mountain .

every year , April again 、 I'm not old enough . I'm afraid , I'm afraid of the wind . The shade of the trees is dark , The grass is dyed green . A hundred monks . Before Murphy 、 There's a bell at home .

Hungry brain : Brush your clothes • Flowers are full of tea

It's flattering , A few dances of falling flowers . Three or two , Pick up the fragrance and add a cup to make new tea . Chang Daozi has a good face , Only then can we know the charm of Qi . Don't worry , A cup of 、 To the end of the world .

Only stay lonely , The sun and the moon 、 Drink sand . Like a dream , Exchange between the cold and the hot for the rosy clouds . No need to hurt the past , There's no need to sigh about time . Warm sun slants , Drunk now 、 I am an immortal .

Zhu yindao : Brush your clothes - I like roses

I like roses . Jinping pile on the wild hillside . Here comes the bee , I'll go back several times ? The butterfly is dancing , The warbler sings and sings . The bamboo fence hangs down . A branch 、 Red powder around the lintel .

It's coming to Mengxia , Wake up in the afternoon 、 Open the window curtain . Only then can we see , Late spring and March . Sighing flower people are empty and thin , Look at the foliage trees . Show your eyebrows . Look back 、 It's all thorn roses .

Dry road all day long : Brush your clothes · On Poetry

On Poetry , In the chapter of fengyasong . Folk songs are good , Four words form a monument . Qu Yuan and Song Yu , Li Sao and Chu Ci . World treasures . Romance 、 Open the door of Yuefu .

Three CAOS and seven sons , Five character sentence 、 Flag . Landscape school , I'd like to return to Wuliu garden . The two giants of the prosperous Tang Dynasty , The two Song dynasties are quite strange . Don't doubt it . So far 、 When you are drunk, you forget your plan .

( Yan Shuzheng, ge )

A brave man is a fool : Brush your clothes • Idiot ( This poem body )

Warm spring , There are thousands of flowers and hundreds of beauties . It's all gone , Hanlin Wenhai is enjoying the sound of the waves . The boundless immortals come to the top , All over the screen . Sing to the sky . Comfort the original heart , Constant writing, wind blowing .

Green silk and white hair , Dancing ink 、 Ploughing in the bitter cold . Day and night , I'm in love with you . Eulogize the sunny butterfly , Happy rain neon . A star . Drunk every year 、 Qing is willing to exchange for withered glory .

It's for you :【 Brush your clothes 】 Listen to the rain in the rain lane

The early rain bell . Deep in the lane, the umbrella supports . Wandering for a long time , Looking at the window lattice with some melancholy . A deep lane , Half curtain shadow lamp . The night is dim . A piano 、 Who sings, who listens .

The shadow of a red candle , Miss each other 、 By the window . Look at the rain at night , There will be laughter in the song . Clouds cover the moon , It's sunny after rain . Once upon a time . Brush your clothes 、 The sound of plucking the piano with a slender hand .

Yuzi said : Brush your clothes Pipa girl

Drunk fairy family , The night wind, the bamboo, the flower in front of the mirror . Beautiful spring sleeves , The sound of water, the cloud and the green yarn . Cold light floating shadows , Soft hair reflects Zhu Xia . It's Fanghua . One voice 、 Xiangnian into Pipa .

Qinghuan is perishable , The cup is not full 、 Tears boast . I'm very shy , Suddenly the Tibetan song language to jackdaw . Lonely cry on the lonely road , Xuanyu falls to the end of the world . It's still in my mind . Look at qiongchen 、 The frog in the unreal well .

That is, Xi Dao : Brush your clothes • In the eye

When I was young , I have also recited new words of Yuefu . Always look in the mirror , I always hate green silk . Keep your hair on purpose , I have a moustache on purpose . Self deception . Two slanting eyebrows 、 He is arrogant and unruly .

Over the years , Frost on the temples 、 Belly wide clothes . I can't keep it , The night cold urges the dawn to sing the yellow chicken . Hanlian wuhaoshou , Fat jade covered with tangerine peel . Play a boy . A pair of eyes 、 Hiding the ripples of time .

Ye Zidao : Brush your clothes • Enjoy the spring

Mu Chunhui , Willows and willows are all over the dike . He Qili , Brocade flower clusters, low pressure branches . Huifengshu plants , The drizzle is fragrant . The swallow flies sideways . It's morning 、 Floating leaf lotus pool .

Come and go , Xiangjingli , The shadows are uneven . Ying Qiaoxiao , Beautiful girl's appearance is adorned with fresh clothes . Yingge is a kind old man , Butterfly dance, children chasing . King ho hee . Enjoy yourself 、 A poem is a poem .

Yijiang road : Brush your clothes • Drunk spring

Brush your clothes , Who shakes the willow silk . Spring is all over the place , The morning sun dances on the fence . Flying with the wind , It blooms yellow in the sun . Far away . It's layers 、 Joan's shadow is everywhere .

Life is easy to grow old , Days old , I'm old . Don't put that , Yichun failed to live up to the good times . The body and mind are separated from the documents , Poetry and wine into the article . Look at the ordinary . Take advantage of the prosperity , Why not get drunk .

The creek : Brush your clothes • Chinese rose

Brush your clothes , Xiangfeng with dew red makeup . I don't know , Pink cheeks, green temples, jade skin cool . Looking back at yingshenxiu , Exhale to the bone . Ren Wuchang . Yes, four o'clock 、 Add to the house .

Dongjunxinbu , I'm sorry , I grow in spring . Not to compete with , Different plum and different chrysanthemum are pure and crazy . Welcome the cold and listen to the rain at night , The snow fell on the west window . Yangheguang . Look at LiuNian 、 Mingmie a tenderness .

Old tree road : Brush your clothes · Spring will be far away

Enjoy your beauty , Peony and red medicine love Chunxi . Where the flowers bloom , Beautiful men and beautiful women love each other . The tea flowers vie with each other , Summer leaves hang sorrowful silk . Set up the ladder , Dare to climb 、 Fly in the clouds of fire .

Off season of life , Don't sigh 、 Yangshenyi . A light step , Catching cicadas and chasing butterflies is a naughty old man . The smoke of the night , The withered branches of the tree . In memory of peacetime . I love spring most 、 Write new poems with a pen .

Shuding said :【 Brush your clothes 】 Backyard leeks

Beautiful people , I want to compete with LAN Hui . See you for the first time , I'm lazy and timid . Morning dew on the skirt , It's sunny in the evening . Qiao Qingqing . Zi Yu Gui 、 Make up is just the right age .

Now willful , It's like that 、 Servant Gong Ying . Bean Valley , There is no peace in the countryside . From the weeds , Raiding the land to make a surprise . Love becomes hate . Scissors fly 、 Don't blame me for being ruthless .

Akimura lotus path : Brush your clothes • Spring

It's like a cloud , Half fog, half dust . Red and green , A cage of good dreams, a cage of true . Lin Hua's words are beautiful , The rose grows late . Fall colorful . A lot of 、 Rose skirt dyed with fragrant petals .

Silver bridge hanging on the moon , It's early summer 、 Aromatic alcohol . A thousand warblers , I'm tired of looking for traces through trees . Never spring wanton , Waiting for summer again . Ask Dong Jun . Why not 、 Light twirling and slow twirling are exciting ?

Canglang snow road : Brush your clothes

Brush your clothes , Falling flowers, clouds and shadows grow by the river . At the end of spring , Wanchong mountain locks the setting sun . Water never grows old , The weeds turned yellow last year . It's still fragrant . It's strings , Stir up a hundred layers of fragrance .

Something old , Slow down , Gradually filling the cup . Look at the moment , The city is full of glory . The heart is not stagnant , A poem in a small place . Laughter is impermanent . Drunk and awake , It doesn't matter if it's clear and turbid .

Red stove drunk meteor road : Brush your clothes • The rain is drizzling

The rain is drizzling , All the flowers are floating in the spring . Difficult question , I'm jealous of Hongjiao ? It's still sad to leave , Days of tears ? Too boring . Blame that 、 Adjust the handle privately ?

Standing in the wind for a long time , It's a mess 、 It's just that . Mountains and mountains , The green manure covers the empty eyes . See the cherry swallows , Silhouetted banana . Throw people away . It's a feeling 、 We have to pay for .

At the beginning of Ziqi's life : After ten years of brushing neon clothes, the window still falls

Talk about spring , Ten years is still falling window . Love lanhui , And I'll take care of it . To the nightingale , No words to send nianfang . The sound of the flute . The screen is on 、 The sun is setting outside the mountain .

Pear flower light shadow , It's like snow 、 Take off your first make-up . Fragrance in my face , The wind dances on the shore and blows the rainbow clothes . It's a flower affair , Plain brushwork is long . The moon is flowing . Gas is like smoke 、 The way of heaven is ordinary .

Qingfeng road : Brush your clothes Dream of butterflies ( New rhyme )

Think that year , When the moon first appears, the shadows are connected . With rhyme , Taste tea and write poems together . The gentleman is elegant , Pretty girls are beautiful and sweet . Good marriage , Like a fairy , Fortune is around us .

Life changes , It's easy to break up 、 It's hard to meet . Fate is all , The wild goose flies to the south, the shadow is lonely . Butterflies fly in dreams , Caifeng drunken flower room . And lingering . Tell me goodbye , Love is like before .

Said ace : Brush your clothes . Learn to fill in words

Don't hesitate , The Jiuzhou Group is melodious . Chanting Qingqu , I'd like to warm my heart . The comments are honest , It's a long argument . Brush your clothes , It's like a flower 、 A deep understanding of sadness .

Take a drink , With Philosophy , Compose a poem . Love , In my dream, I chant the fragrance of the house . Xiao Sun is very happy , I'm confused about loving my daughter . See the setting sun . A gentle breeze 、 New ink makes the book smell .

attach : The poems are interesting

Zhu yindao : Wild leek song ( Parallel order )

Shiyou Shuding , I live in Canada . We should arrange the work of the group leader , Cast a song 《 Brush your clothes - There are leeks in the back court 》. Friends feel chic 、 Funny . I'm confused , It's suspected that the leeks are scattered everywhere , Even crazy invasion . Ask about it , We know that leeks are too long to cut , Let it blossom and seed with the wind , Then it came to tu'ao, where the stone cracks grew wildly , The garden is full of . I'd like to send you a picture , It's not wise to testify . Yu Duzhi , A lot of feelings , do 《 Wild leek song 》 Make fun of , Play ear .

Old Du Ge, rain at night , Spring leek is born .

The master didn't cut it , Then the sun and the moon .

Flowers bloom in jade dew , The seeds shake the autumn wind .

Winter solstice has winter dream , Spring comes to life .

The world is far away , Why don't you let me go ?

Today the nun is a nun , Sister en calls uncle Ding .

Far away and North America , A new journey .

Jade leek poem fairy , Jin lanhui is in love .

Jiangzhu is not dead , Irrigation has Shenying .

Now I'm going to , Lazy sister Ken Yucheng .

It will be reported in the future , I'll present my words to the back court .

A song to brush the neon clothes , It's amazing .

Praise me for being beautiful . LAN Hui is better than Ping ting .

I saw you at first , I'm scared .

Morning dew on the skirt , It's sunny in the evening .

Love me pretty . Make up is just the right age .

Who knows, suddenly change color , Love turns into hate .

Hand in hand , Call me Pugongying .

Said I cheated bean valley , Make the countryside restless .

Hate me from the weeds , Blame me for plundering the land .

And scissors fly : Don't blame me for being ruthless .

Oh, boos and sighs !

Fortunately, I came to Jiuzhou city , Indignation excites people's feelings .

Pity me for being timid 、 Qiao Qingqing ;

Look at my skirt with morning dew , It's sunny in the evening .

Remember my son back , Make up is just the right age .

Who's talking , It's a dream .

Get up and brush the neon clothes , Looking back : By the fence , An old man under bamboo hiding .

Ladies and gentlemen , This is the end of this issue . What if you want to know what happened , Let's hear the decomposition next time !

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