Travel documentary (39) into Suzhou garden · Humble Administrator's garden

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chart 1, The main entrance of Humble Administrator's garden ( ticket office )

chart 2, The access to the garden is nine curves

Poetry says : Suzhou gardens are picturesque , There is only one family in Jiangnan . Pavilions, pavilions and empty corridors , Xiguan waterside pavilion meets Guanghua .

Towering trees and trees shade the green , Low shrubs reflect red flowers . Clear water flows in the pool and the fish blow the waves , The muddy frog on the pond is swimming .

Ten li courtyard is beautiful , A burst of fragrant dust flies over the window screen . People say that this garden is the best in the world , Worthy of the name, not boastful .

chart 3, Old and famous trees

Humble Administrator's garden , It was built in the early years of Zhengde of Ming Dynasty . It is a typical classical garden in Jiangnan , It has a history of more than 400 years .

He has gone through the vicissitudes of generations , It has left many intriguing allusions and anecdotes to the world . It also left real traces .

He once talked with the summer palace in Beijing 、 Chengde's summer resort and Suzhou Liuyuan , Known as China's four famous gardens .

Suzhou Humble Administrator's garden is located in Northeast street, Gusu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province .

chart 4, Azaleas in full bloom in the trees

We come here with admiration , Bought a ticket at the window , Line up for the garden .

chart 5, Maodihuang is in full bloom

Anyone who comes here , All interested in the name . Why call “ Humble Administrator's garden ” Well ?“ Clumsy ” The meaning of meaning is stupid , Does it mean that in history , The owner of this garden is stupid ? The answer is No .

After consulting the relevant information, we know that : It turns out that during the Zhengde period of Ming Dynasty , The first owner to build this garden , It's a censor named Wang Xianchen . He is not stupid at all , And brilliant , In one exam , Be honest and clean , Strict law enforcement , upright and outspoken . He offended the eunuch of the East chamber for enforcing the law , He was sent to prison by the eunuch for slander . Bear all the pain , The new emperor ascended the throne , Only then did the official return to his original post . The censor broke his heart , So I quit my job , Go home and farm for a living . Built this garden , called “ Humble Administrator's garden ”

Bad government ” He is from Pan Yue of Jin Dynasty 《 Leisure Fu 》 in “ Build rooms and plant trees , Irrigate the garden with vegetables , It is also the action of the clumsy ” The meaning of , Show that you are willing to live a quiet life . In the next 400 years, it changed several times , It's still there .

chart 6, Clusters of Podocarpus

When we enter the garden , Through the moon gate , Keep going , The garden is full of trees , a wild profusion of vegetation , The flowers are in full bloom .

chart 7, The small bridge is trickling with water

It is said that , This Humble Administrator's garden is one of many classical gardens preserved in Suzhou , Representative gardens . He went through the construction and repair of Ming and Qing Dynasties . Its design is ingenious 、 Fine construction , The mood is profound . Used... Cleverly , Rocks 、 River water 、 tree 、 Flowers, buildings, museums and other different elements , Match the scenery properly . Highlights the ancient 、 p. 、 Jas. 、 The meaning of fragrance , With a certain cultural heritage .

The trees that we see here are very scattered , There are mainly camphor trees 、 Cudrate 、 Podocarpus 、 Cypress , huang , Fengyang , Crape myrtle , white bark pine , Ulmus pumila , Structure the bone , elaeagnus pungens , Magnolia , Ginkgo 、 Water wax 、 cedar , Wutong , Paulownia , Weeping willow , bamboo 、 Plum and other precious tree species . There are trees , There are also shrubs .

The main flowers are osmanthus , Camellia , with smile , Chinese rose , Chinese flowering crabapple , Peony , Cuckoo , Viburnum 、 lotus , chrysanthemum , Orchids , Banana, etc . There's wood , There are also grassy ones .

chart 8, The outer space corridor of the building

These lush trees , Colorful flowers , The rippling river , Pavilions and corridors with cornices against buildings , Cleverly chimeric , Formed a wonderful picture .

chart 9, Around the river

The river here is shining in the mirror , Around the garden , Formed a number of lakes 、 Pond 、 pool 、 Pond . As if in the garden inlaid with a number of dazzling pearls .

chart 10 chart , Water Pavilion

On both sides of the river and around the pond , Tall trees cover half the water . Shadow and shadow , The falling shadow makes the light , Around it , Formed a rock with rockery , There are pavilions , There are flowers and trees , There are small bridges and flowing water , Unique style .

chart 11, Embroider on the pavilion

These pavilions are intertwined , Some of the passageways have moonlit doors in the middle , The passage is usually narrow , Use light color or white stone paving , Some use carved stone to pave the floor , But mostly light color . Among the green trees and flowers , It looks very bright .

chart 12, Moon arch

Pavilion 、 pavilion 、 hin 、 shop , Choose more green bricks 、 Green tile 、 Purple pillars , Overhanging eaves , gable and hip roof , One more layer or two , Four or more corners . The sill is built with green bricks and then painted with stones , Some use stone to build carved hurdles .

chart 13, Linglong Pavilion

There is a place for guests to drink tea , Such as Linglong hall, etc , There are three words hanging in the museum “ Yuhubing ” It's from the past , When it's hot , Here's the place to drink iced tea . One is “ Yiyuxuan ” It's a tall building . One couplet is “ The pavilions in the scenic spots of the eastern Wu Dynasty are still talking about the past three hundred years ago , From the North Road to visit Huayue, I leave a note to send my love two thousand miles away .”

chart 14, Jiaketing

There are some kiosks , You can have a rest in the pavilion , Look out the window . among “ Jiaketing ” It's one of them . There is a couplet on both sides of his window, which says “ What a beautiful day in spring and autumn , Mountains and rivers have clear sounds .” Look out the window , Tall and straight bamboo , Keep a good time , It grows under the hollowed out Taihu stone , It's very beautiful , It's like a unfolded bamboo scroll .

chart 15, azalea 、 Hosta 、 banana shrub

Surrounded by pavilions and waterside pavilions, besides tall trees , Outside the low bush , There are also famous flowers and precious grass .