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2021-05-04 07:28:51  作者:Photography

Qingshan Lake water forest

We take subway line 6 at Chengye Road station , Turn to line 5 at Changhe station , Turn to line 16 at luting Road station , After two hours , Arrive at the station of agriculture and Forestry University , Drop taxi , It cost 29 yuan , Come to Qingshanhu National Forest Park . Because there are many tourists , There's a long line of traffic at the intersection . We got out of the car and walked a mile , Just arrived at the holy crane wharf of Qingshan Lake cruise ship .

Holy crane Wharf

Take a boat from the crane wharf to the water forest , The ticket is eighty yuan , At the same time, there are 40 yuan tickets for water forest on the ticket . Some people take speedboats , The price will be increased by 20 yuan . These include back and forth . actually , And along the waterfront plank road of Qingshan Lake , No tickets or boat tickets , You can also walk into the magical water forest . however , The weather is too hot , It takes more energy to walk or ride .

Qingshan Lake

On a cruise ship , The breeze is coming , Very nice . Lakes and mountains , Come into view , The feeling of relaxing on holiday comes naturally . After a while , The boat came to the dock of the water forest . The straight Metasequoia trees stand in the water , The water is shallow , The roots at the bottom come out of the water , It seems to lack the stability of soil , But still tall and straight , I don't know what kind of strength is supporting the huge trunk . Spring Metasequoia , The leaves are green , vibrant , And in autumn , The leaves turn yellow or red , It's colorful .

We walk on the plank road of water forest , Sometimes I stop to take pictures , Record this amazing journey .