Rose with thorns

2021-05-04 07:17:59  作者:Photography

Is there a woman who doesn't like flowers ? No investigation , But I think most women will like it , At least there will be a certain kind of flower that you like or love !

I like flowers ! Peach blossom 、 Cherry blossoms 、 Chinese flowering crabapple 、 Rose 、 Chinese rose 、 Poppy 、 lotus 、 chrysanthemum 、 Plum blossom, etc , I like to enjoy flowers , I like shooting flowers , I like to write about flowers .

I wrote about it 、 There are more than ten articles about flowers , such as : I have a flower , Planted in my heart ; Make life a flower ; I would like to be a lotus in the next life ; Flowers are not flowers ; Poppy —— Burst out of the cage and bloom beauty ; Three thousand indigo ; Sunflower sea ; Chrysanthemum drunk ; Looking for plum blossom mountain ; The most beautiful smile ; The lake is full of flowers ; Cherry blossoms are especially delicate after the rain ; East Lake cherry blossoms are picturesque .

My favorite flower , Roses should be second to none , I love it. It's a combination of love and beauty , I like its faint fragrance , I like its graceful shyness , I like the beautiful whisper of its love , I like its melancholy and elegant temperament , I like its delicate but not charming fragrance ……

I love roses , Whether it was born in the garden , Still growing by the fence ; Whether it's in a vase , Or in the palm of my hand .

I love roses , But never really got it . Maybe , That's the objective reason why I like it ! As a woman , I haven't received any roses from my husband or anyone else , Is this a kind of sadness ? Or, , Is it a pity for a woman's life ?

It reminds me of one thing . That is 2013 Women's Day , A big bunch of flowers was sent to my office , Attracted the admiration of my colleagues , It was the only time in my life , Received flowers from my daughter !

In the park where I went out yesterday , I came across a lot of blooming roses , I was stabbed by it more than once in the process of taking pictures , For all that , But it didn't affect my excitement at all , I can't stop my love for it .

Roses have thorns , It's the rose ! in my opinion , The rose with thorns is as fascinating as the beauty with clear sex .

Rose with thorns 、 Sweet roses 、 Beautiful rose , Hide my deep melancholy in my heart .