I love to go for a walk in nature

2021-05-04 07:03:51  作者:Photography

I love walking , My favorite is to go for a walk in nature .

I love to go for a walk by the river in the morning , The sun rises slowly from the eastern horizon , Where does the bright light shine , Where there is a golden sunrise . On the grass 、 On the tree trunk 、 On the branches and leaves , Lighting up nature , It also lights the heart . As far as the eye can see , The scenery is so fresh and pleasing to the eye . Stroll through it without hesitation , I happily linger among all kinds of flowers and trees , too many things for the eye to see , Nourish the mind . At the moment , I have forgotten myself , Forget where you came from , Forget where you're going , Forget who you are , My purpose . Just look and see , Go, go , I feel that I am one with nature , I am a part of nature .

I love walking in the big woods , The nest on the treetop always attracts my eyes . I'm curious : Which kind of bird's nest would it be ? There were several baby birds in the nest ? Is the nest still in use ? When are they 、 How long did it take ? How do they choose where to build their nests ? It seems that no amount of wind can shake it , It seems to be casual , But it's so strong . Birds' homes are usually built on high . Keep away from human invasion . Although birds don't have the complex consciousness of human beings , But it's so smart and free . Maybe if there is no extravagance, there will be no burden . Bird nests are everywhere , But it always makes me think .

I love walking on the grass , Look at all kinds of wild grass growing wantonly . Some have little flowers , They're not gorgeous 、 It's not neat , But they live for freedom , Don't pick on the soil 、 I don't care how much rain , Sometimes just a little soil and water is enough . No need to manage , They will live their lives in the same world , Make your own voice , Show your style . Your likes and dislikes have nothing to do with it , They just grow 、 growth , Use all your strength , Enthusiastically 、 No distortion 、 Not artificial , Naturally , They are them , The real ones are . Their beauty lies in reality and nature , Accept your own state , Cherish the limited resources you get , Show your vitality in front of nature . I love this nature .

I love to go for a walk in nature alone . Yes , A person , One more person would greatly reduce the fun . I Believe , What everyone can see in the external environment depends on the person's inner world , It's like a person trained in music can hear more from a piece of music , Only a person who has been influenced by ancient poems can see the deep meaning behind them . Everyone faces the same landscape , What you see is quite different , The inner reaction is very different . So I prefer to walk into nature alone , I feel so intoxicated there . See every plant in nature , Experience the unusual charm of ordinary things , It does bring peace and joy to my heart . Language is superfluous at the moment , Only a quiet mind can match the power .

Thoreau's 《 Walden pond 》 It's about the harmony between man and nature . He lived in the woods by the lake for two years , It doesn't take that long , Maybe you just need an hour , Into the woods , Step on the soft soil with your own steps , It's not the same feeling as walking on the hard concrete road , It's like returning home to nature . It's like you belong here , Just coming back here again . Every time I come back from here to the crowd , It's like the heart seems to have been nourished, full of blood and resurrected , At the same time, he gained courage and determination to face those worldly troubles .

I love to go for a walk in nature , Put my complicated thoughts into the ordinary plants and trees , A breeze 、 A white cloud 、 A magpie 、 A huge stone 、 A fallen leaf 、 A wave of lake water , Deep and shallow 、 Thick and light 、 high and low 、 ups and downs 、 Far and near 、 Before and after 、 Left, left, right , I can't see enough , Not enough , Let my body move , Let my heart sing , Put aside the rigid knowledge , Come on , Come for a walk in nature , Away from the world of fame and fortune , Reject the negative emotions of anxiety and fear , Don't speculate on the complexity of the human heart . At this moment , You step into nature , You have joy 、 Peace and the whole world .