May day travel - day 3

2021-05-04 07:03:39  作者:Photography

Today's plan is as follows :

Drive from Chengde to paddock , The entire 150km.

7:00 Get out of bed ,7:30 breakfast ,8:00 set out ,10:00 arrive .

The long corridor of the hotel

I started early in the morning 10 minute , All the way well ,10:00 Arrive on time .

Arrive at my aunt's house , See the immortal mountain inside , It's as tall as a cabinet .

Junzi orchid is also charming

My aunt's house is in the middle of the paddock , Look out the window , There are many tall buildings .

Lunch begins in a warm atmosphere ,80 My grandmother is still in good health , Nature is at the heart of the party .

It was a very good meal , Especially the roast chicken and potato , It's my favorite .

After lunch , The family drove to Saihanba Ecological Science Park to play

The happiest of all, of course, are the children , Toys are everywhere , Everywhere is paradise .

Beams of light through the clouds , On the green mountain forest

The street view of paddock town

The cat in the shop window , It's like two statues .

Children playing games

Dinner is a big dish - Roasted Whole Lamb

This is a sheep specially bought by car from Bashang grassland , It's going to cost you to clean up and bake 3 One half a day , It's not easy . Look at the fat and juicy roast 、 Roast sheep with crisp outside and tender inside , All the greedy saliva came down .