Is the relationship between adolescent children and their parents weak?

2021-05-04 07:03:24  作者:Photography

Many parents think that their children are entering puberty , The relationship with parents has become estranged . Some parents even suspect that , Children don't love themselves so much anymore . Adults are used to using what they call life experience and life experience , To speculate on children's children . Is it true ? Obviously the truth is : Teenagers need you more than their parents think , you get Have we arrived ?

One Don't lose heart , The child still loves you

Adolescent children , They do have a redistribution of time and mind , The focus has gradually expanded from family to schoolmates 、 Circle of friends , To prepare for society .

The first ten years of a child's growth , If you get enough love and support in your family , It's going to keep kids relatively stable during adolescence . They will bring their parents to give 100 Part of love , Will be more confident and powerful to learn to move forward to the outside world . Children love their parents in their heart , In my heart, I love my parents , At the critical moment 、 I love my parents on important issues .

The child's heart capacity is bigger , Hope the challenge is more difficult 、 Something more interesting . It turns out that there is 100 branch , It's all about parents' love . Now? . Their inner capacity expanded to 1000 branch . other 900 Sharing is for new friends 、 Novelty and new world .

More than ten years of love , Keep the child in the heart , Home makes them believe that it's stable , They want to be more novel 、 A more challenging world has entered .

Two Family parenting , It affects whether children think about it too early “ Leave ” home

Living standards have improved , It causes a lot of kids to get fat , Excess fat , Good nutrition , Don't take good care of children , There is a precocious phenomenon . Obesity makes girls precocious , The world's first discovered menstrual period, the earliest children just 6 year .

Girls are close to their parents , Families are supportive , With a beloved father , Girls are relatively late in puberty .

Scientific proof : Men's sweat 、 Women's urine activates the hypothalamus of the opposite sex , The hypothalamus is used to control sexual behavior . Because of the anti incest mechanism , A girl who is accompanied and cared for by her father , Puberty is relatively late . conversely , Lack of fatherhood , Frequent contact with other adult men , Puberty is advanced to a certain extent , The chances of promiscuity and pregnancy are also higher . therefore , A father means a lot to a girl's growth . On the way of girls growing up , A father needs to give full and supportive love .

Whether to establish a good parent-child relationship , It has an important influence on children's mental development . Whether parents are at the time when their children are heading for a new world , Have enough in their hearts 100 branch . If only for children 50 branch , Just let the kids out , Children are more likely to have problems , Even in adulthood , There may also be various hidden dangers or more problems .

The big bird will fly alone , When children grow up, they have to live their own life . Parents must accept that children are no longer 10 It's a baby years ago , Upgrade your parenting skills , Don't treat your baby the same way , Or just treat adults , And ignoring the fact that children are adults , But they don't have the heart of adulthood , And ignore or miss the best growth of children .