The story of wild lotus root 87

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What's more infuriating is that Alan solved the problem of how to deal with pregnancy in Jiang tianqiang's home , But Jiang tianqiang went out quietly . Alan thought he was going to the bathroom , But he didn't show up after half an hour , Ask group leader Jiang :“ Where has Jiang tianqiang gone , What are you doing here ?”

Actually , Jiang tianqiang slips away , Team leader Jiang didn't know , He also thought Jiang tianqiang was going to the toilet .

that , Where is Jiang tianqiang going ?

He went to see sister Tang .

He found the building where sister Tang lived , Open the door and see that sister Tang is not at home . Here's an explanation , For easy access , Sister Tang gave Jiang tianqiang a key to the door , They look like a couple .

He wants to , She may have come back from dinner outside , So he wants to wait here for him to walk for half an hour , If she doesn't come back by then , And go outside and look for her .

You can't guess , Besides Jiang tianqiang, a little lover, sister Tang , She also has an affair with her classmate pan Weiren , And before Jiang tianqiang . Pan Weiren is the deputy director of the grain management institute , When he learned about sister Tang's friendship with Jiang tianqiang , He just showed up with sister Tang , Tell her :“ You want me , I still want him ? If you want him to , I give up on my own , Because it's not a good thing for love triangle to spread .” Sister Tang said :“ You are the leader of the grain management office , I also know that you and you have more than one woman , Then I can get together with you .”

So the two parted peacefully .

That's the day , Elder sister Tang and Jiang tianqiang were making out in the office, but Alan witnessed them , Things haven't been handled properly , She just slipped away . On the way, she met pan Weiren .

Pan Weiren said :“ Old classmate , Long time no see , Give me face , Go to a restaurant and drink together .”

Sister Tang said :“ I'll go to a restaurant with you , Being seen , I'm afraid I can't explain why I have a hundred mouths .”

Pan Weiren said :“ Let's go to the next commune and go to the hotel , Not to be seen by familiar people .”

Sister Tang said :“ You're also talking about , How to get there ?”

Pan Weiren said :“ How about you in my old tank ? You said yes , I'm going to push the old tank .” Old tank , An old bicycle .

Sister Tang agreed to him , So she got into his old tank . The hotel in the commune next door is not far away , About half an hour, a little bit , I found the hotel .

Two people found a lonely little restaurant .

Pan Weiren said to sister Tang :“ You drink baijiu , Or yellow rice wine ?”

Sister Tang said :“ Hey , I'm coming down here , Don't drink , If you don't come to that thing , I can have a drink with you .”

Pan Weiren patted his thigh and said :“ Oh dear , You come down to that thing , I'm happy for nothing today , It's such a disappointment .”

Sister Tang said :“ I lied to you , You! , You are the same person as before , Like I've never touched a woman before .” Two people look at each other and smile , Rush to dinner , I went to the hotel for fun .

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