A mother at home

2021-05-04 07:02:54  作者:Life journey

After nearly three days of shock rectification , The appearance of the family has changed a lot , My mother simply referred to the standard of creating a healthy city !

Excessive physical strength , It's hard to get a good night's sleep , Beat the sour old waist , Get ready to get up and take a hot bath ! Not to the door , I heard the clatter of water in the bathroom , The clean mom is ahead of the rest !

When I wash out , Mom sitting on the sofa in the living room , All evil vegetable juice served on ! Listen to Gulu Gulu's stomach , Helpless to the extreme !

Watch me enjoy it , Mom said happily : perseverance prevails , I'm sure I'll lose weight !

A wry response : mom , I've lost 30 jin these years , It's not very fat either , Just a little fat , Don't be so serious !

My mother said with righteousness : Micro what micro , All I know is that it's only a hundred pounds , How much have you been through ? What do you look at? , Can you be as fat and skinny as an old woman ? There is no love of beauty ?

Love of beauty , All right , Mother , You win ! Clean up , Mom's going shopping , Follow up mode started !

See the colorful middle-aged and old women's clothes , Mom seems to have recovered from her leg pain , It's obviously a lot faster !

Small money doesn't work , Mom has a fat stomach ; Long money doesn't work , Mom is not tall ; Fancy doesn't work , My mother is vulgar ; Plain can't , Mom's too stiff . What can I do ? My face is red , No red explosion , You can't be red , Red and heavy , Red is steady ! finally , A light jujube red medium and long two sets into my mother's eyes !

Mom bought clothes , Look at me , It's not comfortable again ! To make complaints about Tao : Look at your hair , The hair is dry , I'll accompany you to a nursing ; Look at your casual slovenness , It's like a city man in an office , Buy yourself a dress later , There is no love of beauty at all ! In an instant , What's the death of a white-collar holiday in the city , Just worthy of my mother's aesthetic ?

Love beauty again , I'll always be rejected by my mother ! All right , You win !

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