Li Zun, everlasting longing for each other, and the laughter and the Changhong of laughter.

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This seal comes from the ancient seal of lechishi , At first glance, red and white are distinct , bland , It's interesting to look at it carefully , Like the lines of words , Fat and white , It gives people a warm and moist feeling , There is a circle in the square , Square in a circle , The square and the circle help each other , It was handled very properly , Just like the quality of a gentleman . The horizontal relationship is a little skewed , The relationship between left and right arcs is not exactly the same ,“ Li ” Word ratio “ respect ” Simple , But it takes up more space , It may be that the word has been semi enclosed .

“ Li ” The child under the word looks like a simple and lovely child , I have a friend named Li Ji , I said that I would help her carve a seal in the future , But found “ Li ” and “ season ” The two characters are the same in seal script , Is it possible to carve the two characters the same ? This seal inspired me , You can do some processing for words like this !

Mountain climbing and sea watching , The works of Huang Yi, one of the eight masters of Xiling , The significance is obvious , Expressed “ East of Jieshi , To see the sea ” My spirit and mind .“ Mountaineering ” Two words stand like rocks 、 Rigid , In especial “ mountain ” The word is magnificent 、 of indomitable spirit .“ View the sea ” The strokes of the two characters are thinner , More twists and turns , It looks more gentle , It's a little choppy , The image of the waves rolling up .

The seal is badly worn , But it doesn't affect its beauty , On the contrary, I have the sense of vicissitudes of time , It adds “ Mountain climbing and sea watching ” The heaviness of the spirit .

Ding Jing, one of the eight famous writers in Xiling “ Sauvignon blanc ”, The stroke processing is very strange , Thick and thin 、 Again and again 、 all , In especial “ Long ” The lines are very long , It seems to express the hopelessness of the long road and meeting .

The turning point of this printing is also very strange , The general seal stresses the combination of square and circle , The turning point and the end of the stroke are very sharp ,“ Long ” The two strokes at the end of the word are interlinked , Such as love in the world ,“ thinking ” The lower part of “ heart ” It's a series of writing , It's like a flower and bone with a mind converging , It's like a man covering his chest and can't bear to think again . Some students said “ Lovesickness ” Like a window ,“ Long ” The word looks like a woman leaning against the window , If you look at it carefully, it really looks like .

And there's something particularly obvious “ thinking ” The lower left corner of the wall is incomplete , Some people say it's the incomplete seal , Some people say that it was the creator who deliberately dealt with it . No matter what , This deformity gives people endless imagination , More set off the pain of Acacia , Impermanence, , No hope of Acacia .

“ Laughing and talking with neon ”, Compared to the seal , I prefer this sentence , Depressed people , I have a deep feeling after reading it . This seal and “ Mountain climbing and sea watching ”“ Sauvignon blanc ” The common feature of India is its incomplete beauty , The interior lines are obvious , The lines of the outer contour are incomplete , According to the teacher, it's an artistic technique of incomplete treatment .

The turning point of the stroke is inside and outside , hard 、 The atmosphere 、 There's no fear , It's hard and soft .“ laugh ” It's like laughing with your waist in it , It's an exaggeration .“ between ” Words are like a smiling face , Grin .“ Breathing out ” It's a nice connection .“ Neon ” The word is like a running man ,“ rainbow ” The word is like a man standing upright between heaven and earth , Very domineering . It is estimated that the person who engraves and owns the seal , Every time I see this sentence, I will be in a good mood , This is the charm of art !

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