How can a calligraphy work be more popular?!

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Good calligraphy , There are two types of criteria , One is “ technology ” good , One is good feelings .

“ technology ” good

The technology here , It's quoted Technology . The technique of calligraphy is good , It refers to a calligrapher's superb skill in writing , We are amazed by these superb skills , Let's be amazed .

The techniques in calligraphy can be divided into three categories , The style of writing 、 structure 、 Constitution . The essence of these three parts is to test a person's ability to control the pen , therefore , The level of calligraphy can also be understood as the level of pen control ability , Especially at the technical level .

For example , Wang Xizhi's preface to Lanting , Known as the best running script in the world . And the reason for this title , Naturally, it is because of Wang Xizhi's superb calligraphy skills .

It has been praised by people in all ages , It's Wang Xizhi in this calligraphy work , It was used 21 Two words , Come in all shapes , They are different , It can be said to be a magic stroke .

Some comments 《 Preface to Lanting 》 It's too fat , It's too thin to lose one point , Wang Xizhi made use of the wine strength of the banquet , The scale of each word is very well , Avoid leaning to either side , Not fat, not thin , Why can't people admire !

Know how to measure 、 Grasp accurately , Strong pen control ability is an important criterion for us to judge a calligraphy work from the technical level !

Feeling for

And the feeling is right , That's how this calligraphy works makes people feel . Calligraphy is an art , And the most important work of art is to put an idea 、 It's a concrete feeling .

Wang Xizhi's 《 Preface to Lanting 》, World evaluation “ The breeze comes out of the sleeve , broad-minded ”, It can be seen that Wang Xizhi played up the peaceful and joyful atmosphere of the banquet incisively and vividly .

This can be seen from the full text of Lanting preface ,“ It's a day , The sky is clear and bright , a gentle breeze is freely blowing ”, Such a beautiful scene brings the feeling of a scholar , Just like a spring breeze , That is what he expressed in calligraphy “ The breeze comes out of the sleeve , broad-minded ”.

We can still use this point to see Yan Zhenqing's manuscript of offering sacrifices to his nephew , As the second running script in the world, jinephew's manuscript also feels right , It's a masterpiece full of Yan Zhenqing's feelings .

Yan Zhenqing was filled with anger 、 Resentment 、 Sadness is fully expressed . As long as it feels right , Other formal issues 、 Details , It does not hinder the overall situation . The so-called big business does not care about detail , That's the reason why the big gift doesn't say goodbye to the small one .

vivid 、 Accurately and vividly show the calligrapher 、 The feeling that the artist wants to convey , It's also one of the standards of good calligraphy .

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