Did you see the group sculpture "grass Party group" when you visited the National Museum on May Day

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“ Grass blanket, mud blanket, camp plate , The wind and rain invade the skin and make the bones harder , The more determined the wild vegetable is to satisfy hunger ……” This song by General Xiao Hua 《 Snow mountain grassland 》, People who are a little older can probably sing . The lyrics are full of romanticism , It seems that it is not difficult to cross the snow mountain and grassland .

But we 《 The golden hook 》《 Seven matches 》 And so on has been selected the middle school textbook literary work to know , People will fall to sleep at any time .

It's common to fall behind ,《 The golden hook 》《 Seven matches 》 And so on . People are social animals , Once alone, it's easy to feel helpless and lose confidence . Especially in the cold and hunger 、 Life is in danger at any time . Where is the hope for these soldiers to get out of the grass , Where does power come from , Everybody has learned the text , The teacher also said , I don't want to talk about it any more .

What I want to introduce to you , It's a new group of sculptures at the entrance to the north gate of the National Museum 《 Grass Party group 》, Everyone can see it at the first sight when they go up the steps through the security check . During May Day , It's hard to take a picture of it without an audience , It also shows that people love it .

This work is 2006 year , Sun Wei, a professor of the Central Academy of fine arts, commemorates the long march of the Red Army 70 The anniversary of the creation of , It's also the Red Army that is left behind when crossing the grass .5 A hero in a desperate situation becomes 3 Group distribution , Two of them 3 I tightly hold the party flag in the middle of the picture , another 1 I'm going to pick up my seriously injured comrade in arms . The Red Army stands on its own , Right hand on stretcher , Hold up your party card with your left hand , For others 4 people , Seems to be saying :“ I'm a communist , I have a responsibility to lead you out .”

A party flag 、 A party constitution is hope , It's power . A still picture clearly expresses the dynamic effect , Pass us a belief 、 A spirit . Such faith and spirit , Not only can the Red Army soldiers get out of the grass , It can also touch us now , It's what each of us needs to overcome ourselves and our difficulties .

Those who fly far away should take on new feathers , Those who are good at building first clear the old foundation . I'm not teaching , There is no capital or qualification for education , I just hope you can find something from it , Be able to make yourself different from a second ago , Let yourself walk more steadily in the future 、 More power .

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