Wash all the horses

2021-05-04 06:52:29  作者:Photography skills

Photo taken at Dongji Park, Yixing City

“ A wash all the time ”, It's a sculpture , Standing in the center of Dongji square . There are many sculptures in the square , Only this one is unique in shape , Attract visitors to stop and watch . This sculpture is made up of five hollowed out iron plates , Each of the iron plates is required by the whole picture , Dig out different areas , The five iron plates are roughly square , Vertical to the ground , The distance between the iron plates is equal , And form a whole of mutual reference . Although it's a still life , But watch carefully , The posture of the galloping horse is vivid , Be vividly portrayed .

“ A wash all the time ”, It's a Tang poem . come from ” Poet sage “ Du Fu's 《 Dan Qing gives general Cao ba 》” It's a real dragon , A wash all the time “, It mainly describes the Jade Flower in general Cao's painting , Draw the charm of the horse , It's better than the previous paintings of horses .

“ A wash all the time ”, It's a memorial . Walk along the park trail , There is a corridor not far away , This paper introduces the life story of Xu Beihong, a painter from Yixing . Xu Beihong (1895——1953), From Qiting, Yixing, Jiangsu Province , Modern Chinese painters , Art educator .

Works of Bei Hong

Last month, 31 On the afternoon of Sunday , I went for a walk in Dongji park alone , Attracted by this sculpture , They took photos and sent them to Jianshu island , By Jane friends praise . To thank you for your enthusiasm and kindness , I'm at home today , Upload and share , Thank you !

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