The painter's heart is so thin that he can see the "woodlouse" painted by Qi Baishi.

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“ What's wrong with your old painting , How to draw woodlouse ?” Friends don't understand .

“ Don't underestimate this woodlouse. , It's all different ,” Qi Baishi said ,“ You see , This is just the side of the picture , This is just the back of the picture , Today, draw it all , If you want to draw in the future, you don't have to pay attention to it !”

The summer of 1921 , Qi Baishi is invited to Baoding by friends , During the period, woodlouse was found in the house where he lived. , He caught several of them with great interest , After some observation, I drew them .

Woodlouse , Another name is Eupolyphaga sinensis 、 Ground turtle . The body is flat , There is a shell on the back , The shell is purplish brown , Brown legs , There are burrs on both sides . It used to be common in rural areas , Someone bought it , It is said to have medicinal value .

In life “ Woodlouse ” It's a derogatory word , Used to tease people who have never seen the world ,“ You've never seen that before ,‘ Woodlouse ’”.

No matter what it looks like or what it does , No one will be with you “ Jas. ” Connect ,“ I feel very happy to see woodlouse. ” No one would say that .

Therefore, it has been rarely used as a painting theme , It's just that there are illustrations in some books . Woodlouse painter , Qi Baishi is the first person .

From Qi Baishi's consistent painting theme , It's not unusual to draw woodlouse. .

Because of the grasshopper 、 Small shrimp 、 cricket 、 The fly , Mice and cockroaches that even make women scream , It's all in his catalogue of paintings .

What does woodlouse draw? , Compared to the useless cockroaches , At least it has some medicinal value .

Don't choose the topic deliberately , It's all from life , But I can be meticulous , This is the most rare place for painters . And Qi Baishi is Qi Baishi , Because of this .

For the convenience of observation , Let's enlarge the original picture . left “ Good side style ”, It means the profile is better . A woodlouse on the right , Although only a few , But there was no slack .

The length of the antennae and the width ratio of the back lines , Without careful observation , It's not like that .

The most amazing part is the burrs on the legs , It's different in thickness and length , The end points are different , It seems to be static, but in fact it is dynamic , Even in kind .

On the contrary, it is different from things , Less color symmetry , More coordination on the lines ; It's not the same as meticulous brushwork , What fine brushwork is, you have to draw , And it's just a point , Not in its shape , But in its manner .

Just as Qi Baishi said , The one he painted woodlouse was the same. , Some are crawling , Some are prostrate , Others stand their legs on the ground , It's like being manipulated and angry , Be full of wit and humour .

Some people say Qi Baishi is lucky , I met Mr. Xu Beihong in Beiping , Otherwise, it won't be famous at all , Maybe no one wants any paintings .

You bet , He has been helped by Mr. Xu in his work and life —— When Mr. Xu was the headmaster of art college, he was invited to teach painting , And I have to give him more money every month .

There are undeniable reasons for this , But not all .

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