The 45th letter from the 97th day of growth record (May 3) to myself seven years later

2021-05-04 06:22:19  作者:Photography

Keep your original mind :

Why should I record ?

I know that the easiest thing I can do is to criticize and criticize myself , But more often I need encouragement and self motivation , And the record itself is an incentive .

Why should I write to myself in seven years ?

Write down every time “ To my seventh year in seven years x When I write a letter , I'm so excited . Because when I think of seven years later , I will be able to open a letter every day , Look what you were like seven years ago ? How amazing that feeling will be ? Think about it, you can steal a laugh .

Dear hi , Hello !

Now it is 2021 year 5 month 3 Sunday, Monday night 8 spot 58 branch

Now the rain is crackling on the roof , And I'm sitting in my cabin writing to you .

Time flies , A five-day holiday , It's more than half over , And there's a lot of energy to remember today :

The first morning , Go out with the dogs , I photographed the dew on the bamboo shoots , Snow white wild sesame flowers on the dyke , And the lavender beside the ditch ……

Run all the way , All the way , Take pictures of flowers and plants by the way , What a quiet and rare time .

second , At noon, I went to a relative's house for a big dinner , I found that I met many friends and relatives I knew when I was a child , But I'm just familiar with them now , I can hardly recognize it . It's more fun at dinner , A big table , Although sitting at a table , But it doesn't feel like people in the same world .

But that's what's so amazing about this big thing : Different classes , Different circles , Most of them don't know each other , Get together at a table for something or someone , Even if it's just a meeting , There are more possibilities to connect in turn . From this point on , All of a sudden, I don't like big dinner so much .

Third , On the way home after dinner , Almost made into a movie :

I thought electric cars were full of power , So we didn't charge it while we were eating , It turns out that walking , The battery is running out , So my brother-in-law and I got out of the car and pushed .

Who knows “ It never rains but it pours ”: The car just ran out of electricity , It began to rain again , So we put on raincoats , Then push the cart . But it's not hundreds of meters , We're so tired , Let's just stop , Walk slowly , But the old man didn't know it , I drove with my little sister in front of me ?

good heavens , The car is not without electricity ? It seems that two big men are too heavy on it ? Leave them alone , After all, I can't catch up . So my brother-in-law and I trotted forward behind , At this time, I found out how important exercise is . I usually run two steps every morning , Now I'm running, my face is not red and I'm out of breath , I feel like it's OK . But my brother-in-law basically has no time for exercise at work , So running becomes immobile . Later, I just went for a walk , Running , And then run and walk .

When we get to town , Old man, they've been gone for a long time , Of course , They said ahead of time , To charge a relative's house , So we're in a hurry , Finally arrived at the relative's house .

At this time, it has been very big , And the tram's dead , So I had to sit at this relative's house , This relative , Bring the fruit immediately , Pour on the tea , Hospitality . At that moment I realized , Friends and relatives , It's amazing . Especially when you need help most , If they can reach out , Sometimes it's just a little thing , But it will bring you a lot of warmth .

Fourth 、 Let yourself empty properly , In other words, we should do something timely , You can also find the difference of life and another kind of beauty .

Take this afternoon , In the afternoon, I received the notice from the class committee , Let me share the whole manuscript again , And I almost forgot about it . Finally, under the repeated prompts of the class committee , I just remember , It was all last month . It seems to be too busy , I'm so busy that I can't even remember last month ? After you're sure you want to change it , I don't know why the whole person is very resistant , I just don't want to do , I don't even want to do anything , I can't lift my spirits , So I simply put it down . Pick up the phone and start brushing the video . It was in the process that 《 Westbound 》 This series , So I went into the pit , Almost for an hour or two , The whole person is totally immersed in the story of another journey to the West , Completed a self withdrawal . At the same time, I found that watching a play or reading a story has a magical effect of seeing the world with other people's eyes . In the future, there will be an additional channel for absorbing video information .

It's late again , It's already 21 spot 21 Divide up , It's time to clean up , Sleep , Goodbye, old friend .

Dew on bamboo shoots

There's dew on my head

Snow white wild sesame