Turn around!

2021-05-04 05:44:44  作者:Life journey

It's hard to avoid a few complaints in life , Or listen to some sad words , If the world is not bitter, it is not called Suo Po ( Be patient ).

however , Sometimes it's no use saying too much , It's no use thinking too much , Not all of them “ Dream talk ” Do you ? Smile ! Dreams are not real , Why bother ?

Turn around , I didn't make my own choice , Come here to experience ? I want to drive a little 、 Be strong , You can't come here for nothing , Then take a good look at the world , You will find out , It turns out that it's all kukong 、 Impermanence 、 No I , Why don't you take the complaint 、 Grief turns to power , There's motivation 、 Have the energy to move on ?

Live a good life for yourself , Welcome the sunrise with a smile , Face the storm with an ordinary heart , So every day is a good day !

Good night and a good dream !

4/29/2021 It was written in Hawaii Waikiki

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