Waikiki Beach

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Hawaiian COVID-19 epidemic situation , Just like other states in the United States , It tends to be gentle and declining . Waikiki, Honolulu (Waikiki ) The number of tourists in tourist resorts has increased significantly , The bustling scene of tourists in the past , On the way back .

Good news keeps coming , It is expected this year 8 month , The United States will reopen the door of international tourism , I hope by then , From Shanghai 、 Beijing to Hawaii flights can also be re direct . Of course , All of these require various conditions , To satisfy our wishes .

Waikiki, Honolulu (Waikiki) The natural beauty of the area , Fusion of volcanic landforms 、 Beach coconut forest , And theme parks 、 The stadium canal 、 Hotel, shopping mall and other cultural environment , It presents a dynamic island style . therefore , Wilkie (Waikiki) It's the brand image of Hawaii resorts .

at present , Waikiki Beach (Waikiki Beach) Large scale maintenance works are in progress . Heavy machinery is in transportation , exceed 24,000 Cubic yards of sand , Will be added to the Royal Hawaiian coastline . The entire beach overhaul will continue until this year 8 Completed in the first ten days of the month . When the , Tourists from all over the world , You can experience the charm of Waikiki's new beach .

Diamond Head Mountain (Diamond Head), This shining name , It's easy to make life noble 、 The association of glory . When you are in Waikiki When staying in a hotel in the district , I often hear the sea view (Ocean view)、 City View (City view) The difference of equal room type . But there's also a Diamond Mountain View (Diamond view), I'm afraid it's a sight that can only be heard in Oahu, Hawaii .

King's road (Kalakawa Ave) Shops along the street , Most of them are now in business . Like Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton)、 Apple (Apple store) And so on , Sometimes there will be queues . The epidemic has not been completely controlled , Measures to limit the flow of people to reduce infection in the store , It's still necessary . Although vaccinated people , In many places, it is no longer necessary to wear masks , But there are places where it is necessary to abide by .

Wilkie (Waikiki) It's Hawaiian , It used to be called... Somehow “ A fountain of water ”. Modern translation is called “ Jumping water ”, Maybe it's about surfing . Whatever you call it , Wilkie (Waikiki) Always exudes the charm of the beach , Attracting people to come for leisure and vacation 、 Loosen body and mind .

Love in the wind , Water smile , The blue sky is full of white clouds . Wilkie (Waikiki) A unique position , Hide the cool wind from the korau mountains , It has formed a geographical pattern and livable environment that can absorb gas and enrich oxygen .1920 year , Hawaiian surfing has been around for hundreds of years , By Duke, the Olympic swimming gold medalist · Kahanamoku (Duke·Kahanamoku), From here to carry forward and spread all over the world .

Recently, , The daily life of baby rearing , Action in the beautiful Waikiki (Waikiki) Area . thus , There's more of what we see, hear, and know in the moment , Pieced together , I wrote a simple book, and the day is even more powerful . I think this life is composed of countless fragments of life , I'd like to record the years on the timeline .

I'm babysitter Hawaii : A Hakka born in Gannan , Leave the most beautiful youth to Shanghai . Flying over the Pacific , Rooted in sandalwood, Shandong, where western culture converges . Take care of mother and baby with love , Write life with sincerity . Nearly 30 years of Hawaiian life , Branded with Aloha The mark of . Like to travel , Wish to share the value and dream of love with words .

4/30/2021 Written in Honolulu, Hawaii in the afternoon of Waikiki

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