Tiankeng ground fissure in Chongqing

2021-05-04 01:45:04  作者:Photography

The guide took us to Tiankeng Dixie , Beautiful scenery, unlimited scenery , Let's have a look .

I don't know why , It reminds me of Jiangling, which is thousands of miles away …… This is the location of golden armour all over the city .

The uncanny work of nature has made , We're going to feel , To commemorate .

This is the sinkhole , There are three places , Born three bridges , Qinglong bridge .

Look at me with a big knife , Ha ha ha .

Climb mountains and mountains , Although it's very tiring, there are a lot of people , But I have no regrets .

Carp leaps over the dragon's gate , I really feel like this when I shoot it , I photographed it at the bottom of the sinkhole .

Mouth mouth , ha-ha , It's really spectacular .

The sight , Beautiful to poor words .