The warm heart story told to my girlfriend in the evening (the 16th day) persistence is victory!

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  1. Once upon a time, there was a princess bear and Mr. Bruce Lee , Live a carefree life all day

They love each other , Every day when Bruce Lee's father brings it to eat , Mr. Bruce Lee always let Princess bear eat first , When she's full, she'll go up and eat the rest of Princess bear's food .

Every night Mr. Bruce Lee is always on guard for Princess bear , He was afraid that the hunters would pull Princess bear out and kill her while they were sleeping . Day by day ,

Princess bear is getting fat , And Mr. Bruce Lee is getting thinner every day , one day , Mr. Bruce Lee suddenly heard the hunter in the forest , To shoot and sell Princess bear in the forest ,

Mr. Bruce Lee is very sad , So from that day on, Mr. Bruce Lee's temperament changed greatly . Whenever Bruce Lee's father brings food, Mr. Bruce Lee always rushes to eat everything ,

After eating well every day, I lie down and sleep , And tell Princess bear , Now she's on guard , If he finds out she's not on guard, he'll never talk to her again , Gradually the days passed by ,

Princess bear thinks Mr. Bruce Lee doesn't care about her more and more . Princess bear is disappointed , And Mr. Bruce Lee is still living a happy life as if nothing had happened . Soon a month passed ,

Hunters come to the forest with guns , He found that a month ago, the plump Princess bear didn't have much meat left , And Mr. Bruce Lee is long and shiny , At this time, Mr. Xiaolong ran desperately ,

To get the hunter's attention , It shows that he is a healthy dragon , finally , The hunter dragged Mr. Bruce Lee away .

The moment you pull out of the forest , Mr. Bruce Lee said to Princess bear with a smile : Don't eat so much in the future . Princess bear is about to die , Rush out like hell , Princess bear looks at the tearful little dragon .

That night , Princess Bear looked at the hunter's family and ate dragon meat happily , Princess bear is sad to lie down where Mr. Bruce Lee used to sleep every day ,

Suddenly she found a line on the wall :“ If love cannot be expressed in words , I'm willing to prove it with my life ”!

When Princess bear saw this line, her heart broke , People are moved to hear this sad love story , Girls in memory of this love , At the same time, he also said that he did not forget Mr. Bruce Lee's will before he left “ Don't eat so much in the future ”.

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  1. In the beautiful forest , The happy piggy family : Pig Dad , Mother pig and three little pigs —— Pigs are honest 、 Pig smart and pig beautiful .  

Time is like running water , In the twinkling of an eye, the pigs grew up . Mom and dad discussed , There is no feast that never leaves , It's time for the kids to get out there .

therefore , They decided to give it to the children separately 100 Yuan , Get the kids out of the forest , Start your own life . 

  Four little pigs are carrying their luggage sorrowfully , Reluctant to say goodbye to mom and Dad , Walking heavily out of the forest , I went out to the world ……  

Pigs are honest and kind , be broad-minded toward others , Come to a drugstore to work .

He has a solid job , Keep the drugstore organized ; The service was warm and considerate , It is highly praised by customers and valued by the boss , The business is growing , Soon he became a little boss , With luxury cars and luxury villas .

   Pigs are smart and use their brains , A lot of tricks . After leaving home , He took that 100 I'm going to do a small business , To feed yourself .

He found that there are more rich people now , It's common to drive , He opened a small hotel next to the famous tourist area .

He took advantage of the abundant fish resources in the reservoir , Well prepared cooking , It started “ Pig soup with fish head ” The brand of , Become a local specialty food .

Tourists and residents are attracted to his fish head soup , Business is booming . A few years later , He lived in a villa style five story building . 

  The pig is beautiful , Beautiful as she is , But lazy . She uses that 100 I want to rent a house for three yuan , Buy cosmetics .

Less than a month , It's all gone , I had to go out and look for a job : Go to the hair salon and be a shampoo girl , I'm so angry ; Work as a dishwasher in a restaurant , It's too dirty ; Go to the supermarket and be a shopping guide , Standing too long …… That's it , She became a homeless person , We have to live on government relief . 

  Remember : There will never be pie in the sky , A happy life depends on hard work .

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  1. There is a little girl who lives in a small mountain village on the other side of the world .

The little girl hasn't seen her father for more than a year .

Where the hell is dad ? In three days , It's the little girl who's two years old . Birthday , When the time comes , Will dad go home to be with her ? 

  The little girl didn't know , Run and ask mom . Mom lights a incense at home , Put it in a humble shrine , He said without expression :“ The gods will get Dad back ……”  

The little girl is like her mother , Kneel down in front of that humble shrine , I really bowed three times , He raised his little face and asked :“ Mom , Will immortals really save dad ?” 

  Mother walked away without saying a word .

Mom has been completely stupid , Besides burning a incense to the shrine at home every day , I don't know anything else . 

 “…… Will immortals really save dad ?” The little girl looks at the picture of her father and her in the corner for a while , Come out of the house with your head down .

The little girl walked along a narrow path behind the village , Carefully climbed up a steep hillside .

The hillside is covered with lush litchi trees 、 Cassava trees 、 Plum tree . The little girl walked quietly between these fruit trees and wild flowers and weeds . 

  Go! , Go! , I don't know how long it took , The little girl finally stopped . She was cut by thorns all over her body , however , She doesn't feel any pain at all .

It's all about Dad ! 

 “ Dad !…… Dad !…… Will immortals really save dad ?” The little girl sat under a litchi tree , Looking at the distance with confused eyes , At this time , There was a soft sound in her ear :“ Never mind , The gods will surely save your father ……”