Jueju ● impressions on the drama song of minning town immigrants

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《 The song of minning immigrants 》 Set up in 2015 year , It is a realistic drama reflecting Ningxia's brilliant achievements in the battle of labor migration , This paper describes the beautiful vision of the migrants for a happy life in the process of ecological migration , Praising the Party Central Committee's policy of targeted poverty alleviation .

Sponsored by the Ministry of culture 2018 The exhibition of excellent plays of national stage art opened in Beijing . modern drama 《 The song of minning immigrants 》 As an opening play in the National Theatre .

Watching drama 《 The song of minning immigrants 》 Feeling ( Two )

Flowers fly to the mountain , The old tree is facing the wind .

Rain clouds, broken mirror , No poverty calls for water ¹ Make a new chapter .

Shaliang has been dry for a long time , The most filial, the most simple, and the most beautiful .

Virtue and art are useful in the body , Moving to Jin'an ² The highest voice .

notes :¹ Shoushui village , A poor village in Guyuan mountain area .² Jin an , By minning town .

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