May Day holiday starts

2021-05-01 22:46:24  作者:Photography

Today is the first holiday , I got up early and went to practice the second course , Today's practice is the last half of the way , It turned out to be a series of mistakes , It's stalled several times , Change the anger of the coach from rage to sighing . I'm scared myself in the driver's seat , It's not because the coach is angry , It's because I'm worried about the car or sliding down the middle of the slope when the car stops , I can't scare myself .

It's more than nine after practice , Go shopping in the supermarket , When you get home, you'll go back to your father's house , There's a lot to get on all the way , It's twelve o'clock when I get home , My husband cooked several dishes ( My father-in-law and I are not good at cooking , Such an arduous and great task is left to my husband , My father-in-law and I are responsible for eating .), I had a chat after dinner , I started to go to my mother's house , I feel it's more than five after that , Work with my husband to haircut our unicorn , Finally, it took nine oxen and two tigers , Completed this important task . She is so naughty , You can't do anything about her yet .

The pruning is finished , The elder sister called us to have dinner at her house , And then I ran with my husband , After the meal , It's more than nine o'clock since I came back , I've been on the road today , I don't go back to my parents in law's house , Go to my sister's house again . At this time, my husband has gone to sleep , Happy may day