The spirit of the tree

2021-05-01 22:46:15  作者:Photography

Always thought , Trees have a spirit , It's a kind of male chauvinism .

No matter how you think about it , To look forward to changing his attitude , He is holding his heart firmly .

Motionless .

I've always thought that , Everything that has roots , Can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people .

He deeply , Deeply , Rooted in the earth , Asking the earth for the energy he needs , And give back to the earth green and life .

Give and take , It's always everywhere , This is probably the inevitable result of the basic composition of society .

The deeper it goes , The more you can reach the root .

The luxuriance of the branches , We can't do without firm roots .

The trees are towering , with luxuriant foliage , And the roots are deep in the earth .

Though the rock is steep , No matter how little rain or dew .

The roots have to change their appearance , Keep his dignity .

Try to reach out and touch the trunk , To feel his growth .

The concave and convex texture , It seems to show the vicissitudes of time .

The older the tree is , The more stories there are .

The polishing of nature , Make them look different .

They are tragic , In the renewal of the city , Some of them have been given a second life , A small part , It's still growing ……