Academy spring

2021-05-01 22:41:41  作者:Photography

“ The May Day ” The first day of the holiday , People are flocking out of the city . I go out at seven , Just on the South Outer Ring Road, the traffic started to flow slowly , From Jinan City on the highway , Just past the toll station , Just stop and go at the beginning .

I suddenly remember a word , Youche River .

In high school , Read Taiwan romance novels secretly in spare time , A man dates a woman , It's about taking women to the river , Go to Yangmingshan to see the stars .

Look at the stars , It's easy to understand , You Che river is very puzzled . At that time, in addition to the tractors of the production team in the countryside , Occasionally I see Jiefang Truck on the country road .

It comes with sex , Let it . Just for once , The river is full of cars .

Originally “ The May Day ” There's no special plan , The first day, my husband said to visit the Academy spring !

Jinan springs are scattered everywhere , Such as Doumu spring in southern mountain area 、 Mud spring , The spring of academy to be visited this time , It is also a famous spring group in Jinan, Hongfanchi spring group .

Down the highway from Pingyin , Follow the navigation , Turn to the country road , Fewer cars , On both sides of the road are luxuriant branches and leaves , It's green .

The distant mountains come into view , The sky is blue and the clouds are light , Roadside wheat sprouts heading , A school of vitality .

Navigation display , The destination is right ahead , Stop the car .

Shuyuan spring is located at the foot of Tianchi mountain, the East head of Shuyuan village, Hongfanchi Town, Pingyin County , The spring pool presents “ Convex ” The font , The side of the big pool is long 7 rice , The side of the pool is two meters long , The spring gushed from the cracks at the bottom of the pool , It comes out of the mouth of the animal's head in the small pool through the water channel . The Academy spring was called Dongliu spring in ancient times , It is the longest spring in Pingyin area , About the 1500 Years ago , Li Daoyuan, a geographer of the Northern Wei Dynasty 《 Note the water 》 It's recorded in the book :“ There is a spring under Tianchi mountain , Mingdong Liuquan ”.

But see the stone trough clear spring flow , Outside the trough are neat vegetable and fruit seedlings , A lot of farmers have flowers and trees in front of their houses , There is peony in full bloom , rose .

After coming out of the Academy spring , I went to Dazhai mountain not far to the south , Original ecology , The beautiful scenery .

By the side of the road is dried sweet potato dried by an old farmer , Two tablets, please , The villagers readily agreed . Chewing dried sweet potato , Sir, I haven't eaten it for more than 30 years !

There are few tourists here .

I don't know where all the people out of town have gone , Is it still in the river ?

Ancient village of Academy

Academy spring

Qingquan stone trough

The blue sky and white clouds of Dazhai mountain