Bai Zhou's Diary

2021-05-01 22:37:36  作者:Photography

2021 year 05 month 01 Japan Late at night

Remnant photo , Falling shadow , Black and white ; Liudu , Sunset , Desolate . It's all the beginning , It's all over , The story I met , Meeting me, too . Later, we should not know each other , It's just a shoulder rub .


I don't know if I sit around today , Want to bring the flowing soul , Take the camera , Take a picture of , The state of the world . In our eyes , Living far away , Our souls , Passing by , The world in my eyes , Like the moonlight tonight , I want to borrow the waning moon tonight , Send my remaining thoughts .

The old bridge

The world on camera , It seems different , If you've seen the world , Then you won't stop here , And everything in my eyes , It seems to be getting dim , The pursuit of life , In the end, it became imagination . But the world we remember , It seems to have changed , It's not what I want anymore .


A corner of the world , It seems hard to reach , I can't see the story any further , I can't let my soul , There is a little rest , If my soul wanders away , I don't know where I went , I just want to be at this intersection , Step on the right path .


The crossroads of life , It's like all the traffic lights , Green time is always less than red time , When we want to move forward , Only to find that the green light is over . But at the crossroads of life , Choice matters , Wrong move , The end of life is totally different . Then there were countless regrets , But it's impossible to make up for , More unlikely to change .

Black and white

The world is not black or white , There are some things , There's a different perception , About the future , Now it seems that I have a different understanding , About the dream , We should think calmly again , For a long time , I've been confused . The meeting of the world , There's always a difference , The world I've seen , It limits my perception , Everything I know , It's like it's binding my soul .