Visit Shengze Lake Rose Garden (1)

2021-05-01 22:23:32  作者:Life journey

Shengzehu rose garden is located on shengzedang Road, Weitang Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou , I only know that there are all kinds of roses there , When the rose is in full bloom, it attracts many people to watch it , I've never been to . On that day (4 month 24 Japan ), After visiting the Museum of Suzhou qiaoshenglu in the morning , After we had dinner in Wuyue square , A group of people went to the rose garden by Shengze lake .

Drive to , The parking lot is full , The security officer pulled the car to the side of the road . The park card doesn't work , I don't have a leisure card , tickets 20 Yuan bought it .

Step into the park , Facing us are several rose trees planted in flower beds .

Someone is taking a picture by the tree , That is full of red and gorgeous rose trees , It's like 《 Why are the flowers so red 》 It's the same song : It's as red as , It's as red as a burning fire …… It's exciting !

There was a delay in Wuyue square , The group of friends waited on the grass beside Shengze lake , In a hurry . There's a unit on the grass doing team work , The sound of singing and laughing reverberates in Shengze lake .

On the lake for thousands of years , A couple of beauties are swinging heartily .

Looking at their happy look , I want to sit on it, too . One side of teacher Zhu said :“ You can't go up and swing .” I have no idea . He looked at me in doubt , Jokingly say , Men sit up and become dissolute . Miss Zhu is so humorous , I'm too scared to sit on it .

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