Have a meaningful "Labor Day"!

2021-05-01 22:23:16  作者:Life journey

It's today “ May Day ”, How to live a meaningful life ?

Some people say , One day 24 There's plenty of time , What's the rush ? Take your time ! Others say , I'm too busy at ordinary times , No time for leisure , Then go out and play !

“ May Day ” I'm at rest , Go to church to work with the workers . This stage , There's a lot of work in the church , Because trees are being planted around the Church , Chengguan asked the church to , Take down the plank house at the back of the church , A lot of things in the board room have to be moved to new places .

Today's volunteer workers , There are about 50 Many people , Although it's a lot of work and a little dirty 、 tired , But in the face of the workers , I don't see any fatigue , Every fellow worker is happy to take part in the voluntary work of the church !

stay “ May Day ” This special day , To participate in a meaningful voluntary labor with you , My heart is full of joy ! Especially at noon , It also reminds me of my collective life in the field project department , And it wakes me up 30 Memories of collective life on the farm many years ago ……

2018 year , I am thousands of miles away on the provincial road of Dingyuan County, Anhui Province S309 A project Department of highway , Northerners encounter southerners “ spicy ” food , I can't stand it , But the lively collective life there left me a deep memory , At dinner , Dozens of people were standing around several large tables , You fight me for food , It was a beautiful scene !

Memory channel to 30 Years ago 1988 year , The collective life of the farm is very similar to the scene in front of us , Also dozens of people , Eat and live together , Working and living together for a long time , Forget about home .

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