Chengdu: a trip to Jiuzhaigou

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D1: Changsha —— Chengdu

In the morning 9:30 By noon 11:30, From Changsha Huanghua Airport To Chengdu Shuangliu Airport .

After getting off the plane, I had a meal of Guer fish hot pot near the tea shop bus station . First time to eat fish with soybeans , It tastes good ! It's worth trying a wave of , Children's shoes are afraid of spicy food. Choose the bottom of the pot carefully ~

Shu Han people consume fish

Saucer of soybeans

In the afternoon, I went to Kuanzhai alley ( There are too many tourists in it , It's all over my head , I didn't have time to punch in ).

Width alley

I had an old Chengdu Maogen friend's hot pot near the alley , It's my first time to eat hot pot on the street in Chengdu , You can feel a comfortable life ~~~ Good Bashi ~

Old Chengdu Maogen friend old hot pot

Chengdu street

By the way in the evening at Chunxi Road , Catch a cute panda alive ~

IFS The back of the giant panda

IFS The giant panda is on the front

In the morning 9:10 Until the afternoon 18:00, From Chengdu chadianzi passenger station to Jiuzhaigou scenic spot .

We took a bus for nine hours , Along the way through Dujiangyan 、 Wenchuan 、 Maoxian 、 Ancient Qiang Village 、 Huang Long et al , The highest altitude is 3000 meters , So you'll also see snow mountains , In fact, self driving is the best choice for this journey , You can stop and go , Look at the scenery along the way ~

In the evening, we stayed in the grand Cloud Hotel, which is worth recommending ! Because it's off-season Tourism , The landlady also upgraded our standard room to a luxury one , Affordable , It's about 700 rice .

Deluxe standard room

In the evening, of course, it's local specialties —— The stone pot consumes beef soup ~

This soup pot is really good , It's a lot of beef , Vegetables can relieve greasiness , If you're not used to clear soup , You can also make your own spicy dishes , Dipping is another taste ~

Stone pot consumes beef soup pot

The most important part of the whole journey is Jiuzhaigou !

Jiuzhaigou tour guide map

Have to say , It's the mountains, after all , It's a little chilly in the morning , You can wear something thick . We are in the morning 8:30 It's in the ditch , First, take the bus to the scenic spot and go up the shuzhenggou , It's just God's beauty , The sun is shining , So in the sunshine , Haizi is very beautiful , But we walked on the back of the mountain by mistake , It's not just chilly , The photos of rhinoceros sea are not very amazing ~

Rhinoceros sea

Then take a car to pass through NuoRiLang waterfall , The driver drove to zezhawagou on the left , Until Changhai scenic spot . Haizi is near here , It's surrounded by Conglin , In the distance is snow mountain , It's a natural landscape ~


Walk down the plank road , Then you come to the eye of Jiuzhai —— Multicolored pool ~

This is the smallest and gorgeous Haizi in Jiuzhaigou , And the lake water is supplied by groundwater , The lake is colorful .

Multicolored pool

Get on the bus at the wucaichi scenic spot and take a seat at NuoRiLang center , Take a break , After lunch, I took a car to go along rizegou to wuhuahai , Because after the earthquake , The scenic spot is still being restored , So the scenic area from wuhuahai to primeval forest has not been opened yet .

If you watch carefully , Fish can be found in Wuhua sea ~

Five flower sea

Go down on foot , It's going through the Peacock River 、 Jin Linghai ( It's also beautiful !)

Jin Linghai

Then there is the location of the journey to the West —— Pearl Beach waterfall , There are so many people taking pictures here , A lot of children want to take pictures with the group of four .

Pearl Beach waterfall

If you walk down, you will see the silent sea just like its name


Finally, we watched nurilang waterfall and drove to the exit , In fact, there are many places worth walking in the scenic spot , Because we are so tired , He went back to the hotel to lie dead , Ha ha ha ~

In the evening, we found a Tibetan restaurant around —— The restaurant of Tibet village , One of the main dishes is Tibetan beef local hotpot , I'm full of meat ~

Tibetan beef local hotpot

Tibetan beef local hotpot

If you order a set meal , I suggest you replace the potato buns with Tibetan holy snow , Baked highland barley cake dipped in sugar , With yogurt , Finally, two raisins , This kind of dessert is too appetizing , But don't be greedy , Or it's too full ~

Tibetan holy snow

It's worth a look to hear people recommend eternal love , But we were so tired that day , Missed the show . If there's a chance , You can still watch a wave ~

This day's itinerary is similar to that of the next day , I've been sitting on the bus for nine hours , Too tired ! After arriving in Chengdu in the evening , I found a hot pot restaurant near the hotel , First time to eat rabbit hotpot , Rabbit meat is tender than chicken, but more chewy than frog meat , Bring the numbness of the soup , A little up there . Spring bamboo shoots in the pot , It's also unique ~

Rabbit hotpot

Passing by the people's Park at night , There's no big blind date scene , Ha ha ha . I ate a bowl of local characteristic hoof flowers , Not as good as you think , I don't know if it's because I didn't find an authentic shop , Or too full at night ?

The people's Park

pig's feet

In the morning 7 More points , Just to leave Chengdu before , Take a look at the Wuhou Temple Museum .

I had a local breakfast —— Hand copied in red soup , It doesn't look spicy .

Hand copied in red soup

There are a lot of people who punch in at Wuhou Temple ~

Temple of marquis

In high school 《 Memorial on Sending Out the Troops 》 I almost forgot ~~~

Memorial on Sending Out the Troops

By chance —— The Great Three Kingdoms Exhibition , From the holographic projection and archaeological relics, we can see the history that ancient Chinese dynasties must be united after a long separation , And the cute doll ah Dou ~