Read a Book

2021-05-01 22:07:08  作者:Life journey

There is always a Book , Take you into the unknown , It vividly restores history , Return to life .

Maybe it's exaggeration , Maybe not. , I've never seen , I've never experienced , Everything I read , It's doubtful , You can also guess , But this book reads , But as if it happened in front of my eyes , I really feel shocked . Cover up and meditate , I can't help sighing , Living in a time of war and chaos , How helpless .

If everyone is confused , that , The result is the extinction of the nation . Fortunately, we have such a group , From ancient times , The wisdom and dignity hidden in the bones continue from generation to generation .

spare , Read a book , See history , be able to appraise a person's ability and character correctly , Know your destiny , I know a little bit about life !

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