Cicada died of heat

2021-05-01 20:43:43  作者:Photography

I'm not happy today .

After taking a bath, I put on body milk that I find smelly . It's too hot. My body is sticky . In order to wait for my roommate to eat snail powder, I made a expensive manicure, but it didn't look good , Then I don't want to eat snail powder because it's too hot . I was overcharged by the shopkeeper, who was heartless and broke hearted , Luckily I'm coming back . It was so hot that I drank a Yangzhi manna, and I didn't even finish the spicy hot, and I almost died . The part-time job in the canteen who doesn't know what grade he is in is one tenth of the boss's every time he serves , I thank her for helping me lose weight .

“ It's cold in Harbin ?”“ No, no, No , It's not as cold as Fuzhou .”

“ It's hot in Hainan ?”“ No, no, No , It's not hot in Fuzhou .”

I've always been curious about Jay Chou's songs , Cicadas look like this . I've never seen it in the south for three years , Only cockroaches like King Kong , The omnipresent moth . Based on such a long observation, I come to the conclusion that : The cicada may have died of heat .

My roommate said a funny thing on the bus : It's wrinkled me in the sun , I've become an old lady .

It's no exaggeration . It's hot enough to make people angry .

It's OK , It's not hot tomorrow , It will rain tomorrow .

I am very convinced of Fuzhou , Maybe it's not the same , It doesn't like me , I'm tired of it, too .

Another year , I'm finally going to say goodbye to this city I hate each other , No need to say goodbye .