Watching ostrich busy picking, enjoying song and dance, experiencing Sansu culture and experiencing new life on Labor Day

2021-05-01 20:37:05  作者:Photography

On labor day, watch ostriches busy picking, enjoy songs and dances, experience Sansu culture, experience new life

Wen figure Hao primary school Li Fengmei

Workers are the most glorious , The happiest . When may day comes , At the invitation of Wu Hongbo, director of Hongshun Suyuan , President of the National New Media Alliance 、 Vice president of China Association for the promotion of harmonious culture 、 Vice president of Hebei famous enterprise College of Arts 、 Secretary General of Hebei Rural Economic Development Promotion Association 、 Hao Xiaoxue, Secretary of the Party branch of Shijiazhuang poetry society , professor 、 Painter Li Fengmei , Planner Yang Yongmin 、 Mr. and Mrs. Meng Zhaodong, the head of new media , Came to Luancheng District of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, won the title of the modern agricultural park of the garden , Watch the ostrich busy picking, enjoy the song and dance, experience the Sansu culture, experience the new life of urban leisure .

According to historical load , Luancheng is a thousand year old city , LuanYi was established in the spring and Autumn period , In the Western Han Dynasty, Guan County was established , Luancheng County was changed in the Eastern Han Dynasty , Yes " Nanjing to Beijing , Luancheng County number " The reputation of . In the spring and Autumn period, because of the official of Jin State 、 Luan Shu, commander-in-chief of the Chinese army, got his name here , existing 2600 Years of history . According to the " Su from Luancheng 、 West House in eyebrow " The record , She is Su Xun, a famous writer in Song Dynasty 、 Su shi 、 The ancestors of Suzhe —— Tang Dynasty litterateur 、 Prime Minister Su Wei's hometown , Also known as “ Three su ” Ancestral home . It can be said that the cultural heritage is profound , My heart is full of respect .

Accompanied by President Wu , We roam in the city with interest “ arcadia ”. There are many statues of Sansu in the park , Add a unique cultural atmosphere to this agricultural park ; Through time and space , It's amazing that Luancheng is a natural treasure 、 the greatness of a man lends glory to a place . The spring breeze blows , Charactizing a fine spring 、 All eyes are green 、 The park with fresh air, the sightseeing road with Wisteria blooming and the cabin in the distance , It's like a traditional Chinese painting full of poetic and picturesque pastoral style , It's very relaxing .

Here it is , We took a group photo with dozens of ostriches , Watch its leisurely walk 、 Drink lots of water , Spread your wings , cattle 、 sheep 、 Peacock 、 Camel and other special breeding are interesting ; Walk into the picking area composed of row greenhouses , Hand picked that tempting no pesticide tomatoes , Can't wait to take a bite , That kind of sweet original flavor , Let's find the feeling of eating it as a child , A sense of intimacy arises .1.4 More than ten thousand cherries planted in greenhouses and fields highlight the characteristics of the garden , Nectarines planted 、 strawberry 、 raspberry 、 blueberries 、 Lantern fruit 、 grapes 、 Kiwi fruit has become a new choice for Shijiazhuang citizens . A special farm , Separated by a wooden fence , There is room for parents to take their children to experience the fun of planting with their own hands , Let visitors feel the fresh and rustic rural culture ; Huge intelligent multi-function hall 、 The restaurant 、 Training Room 、 runway 、 Stadiums and other facilities , To come here to learn 、 exercise 、 entertainment 、 Leisure people provide protection ; In the night area specially prepared for May Day , Sit around a small table in the open air , Rough and unconstrained , Tourists enjoy the fragrant barbecue , Enjoy the singing and dancing performance of beauty and snake , drink to one's content , be overwhelmed with joy .

Through years of innovation and development , Su Yuan has transformed the production function of Agriculture 、 Ecological function 、 Service function and social function are integrated , Employment for farmers 、 Rural revitalization 、 It has contributed to the development of local economy . Taste Luancheng culture 、 Beautiful countryside 、 An ecological and healthy journey of agriculture, forestry and manor , Experience the new life of urban leisure with historical culture and modern civilization , This trip left a deep impression on you .“ Jiangshan picturesque , How many heroes ” Echoing in my ears ……