Introduction of import declaration procedure and process of carbonated beverage

2021-05-01 20:36:52  作者:Photography

Carbonated drinks ( Soda ) It can be divided into juice type 、 Fruity 、 Coke type 、 Low calorie type 、 Other types, etc , The common ones are : coke 、 Sprite 、 Fanta 、 Seven 、 Meinianda, etc . Among them, fruit juice type carbonated beverage refers to containing 2.5% And above natural juices ; Fruit flavored carbonated drinks are mainly flavoring agents , The juice content is lower than 2.5%; Cola type carbonated beverage refers to the beverage containing Cola fruit 、 White lemon 、 Laurel 、 Caramel pigment ; Other carbonated drinks : Milk protein carbonated drinks 、 Ice cream, soda, etc .

Information needed for import declaration of carbonated drinks :

1、 The record number of the consignor and the consignee ;

2、 The original label and the corresponding Chinese translation ;

3、 Import and export operation right ;

4、 Food distribution license ;

5、 Official certificate of origin ;

6、 The official health certificate of the producing country / Proof of free sale ;

7、 Manufacturer's component test report ;

8、 Packing list 、 Invoice and contract, etc ;

9、 Product information : Product Name 、 Number 、 packing 、 Weight and volume, etc ;

notes : Attribute mixed vegetable juice 、 The mixed juice of fruits and vegetables is required to provide animal and plant test certificate .

More common questions about imported carbonated drinks

1、 Are there any national restrictions on the import of carbonated drinks ?

2、 How long does it take to import carbonated drinks , How long does each link take ?

3、 If you don't have the right to import and export, can you operate imported carbonated drinks ?

4、 Can special tickets be issued for all links of imported carbonated drinks ?

5、 How to calculate the cost of imported carbonated drinks , Which fees will not be charged for the second time ?

6、 How to pick up the imported carbonated drinks when they arrive in Hong Kong ?

7、 What are the common ways to import carbonated drinks ?