Leyou Street

2021-05-01 20:24:01  作者:Life journey

Our Yuncheng Street finally worked overtime to welcome the May Day opening street , The people of Yuncheng are really jubilant !

For a while , Other streets are empty , People in the county, people in the village , It's all packed up here , Let's just say one thing, one after another , The hustle and bustle , huge crowds of people , Wipe one's back from another , I don't think it's too much .

It's too crowded , There was a show , As a result, it is said that the actors can't squeeze through , So the show was canceled ! Guess how many people !

This led me not to go because I was afraid of too many people , I didn't see the program when I was live all night .

today , A friend came by wechat , Ask me to hang out with you . I said yes . Because it's all Baoma , I don't want to be that crowded at night , therefore , The day came together .

In the middle of the street , We saw the three bonds of friendship in Taoyuan , Guan Gong rode a horse , Guan Gong read the spring and Autumn period , Guan Gong's sword , And Leizu silkworm rearing , King Yu combating the flood , A beautiful statue of salt mining in the salt pond .

On both sides of the street , They are all ancient buildings carefully imitated on the original buildings , At night, the lights are on , With the statue in the middle , It should be beautiful, beautiful , But for the time being, we are not blessed with it .

Others say , This time, the street marketing is not very good , Good cultural themes have not been exploited , It has become a general pear blossom and Peach Blossom Festival .

But , I don't think so at all . The development of a city , We can't do without the efforts of many people , Since the city has invested heavily in supporting , There must be some truth , It's just a long process , What we can see is , Surely they can see . It takes our patience !

Yu Street , Looking forward to our next gorgeous meeting !

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