A grand feast in the world

2021-05-01 20:03:15  作者:Literary FM

It's sunny in Changsha today , It's a fantastic day , In the morning, I had a good night's sleep under the gentle sun , And then get up and do yoga 、 recite words 、 to have breakfast , It's all very much like an imaginary holiday . Play is a required course for my holiday , But in the face of the fine weather that has been waiting for two months , I'm really reluctant to leave such a beautiful Changsha .

After breakfast , Simply packed some bags 、 Painted a simple light makeup and went out , I went to the street to have my eyebrows trimmed . The beauty with eyebrows is very careful , After the repair, she saw me make up , To make up again , Look at yourself in the camera , I feel it goes well with this beautiful weather , The mood also began to clear up .

On the way to the airport , Although the distance is not far , It's not urban , But there are so many cars on the road , Since yesterday, the circle of friends has been recognized by Changsha “ Block up ” refresh , Today I also came to feel a wave of . Changsha has become one of the most popular cities in China in recent years , Indeed, from my own life experience , Changsha is really fun , There are delicious 、 There are good-looking ones 、 There's fun , There are also unique . In addition, Changsha has unique advantages in media publicity , It's also a matter of course to go to the public view .

I really feel that I haven't been away for a long time , I haven't been on a plane for a long time , Check in at the airport , It feels like the program is so complicated . But fortunately, the flow of people at the airport is very “ visually attractive ”, Beautiful little sister 、 Handsome little brother 、 Cute kids , Even aunts and uncles seem to have style and temperament , And then wait for the gap to enjoy the side of “ Beautiful scenery ” It's also a good choice .

people , Still have to go out a lot , If you don't go out, you won't see so many beautiful things , If you see less beauty, you will have lower demands on yourself . From time to time to high quality areas to accept “ Edify ”, Absorb some behaviors that look good to the eye , You can't confine yourself to a narrow circle .

Life should be upward , Either way , It must become more profound and profound with the accumulation of time . Work is a part of life , It's great to be able to lead you up at work , If you can't, go to life and actively look for things that can make you better , Both inside and outside are important , Sometimes we focus on content , But isn't it better to practice both inside and outside ?

Starting from Changsha today , Take a look at this “ huge crowds of people ” The world of , I hope we can absorb beauty in the vast sea of people , Borrow a little clean sun to make your heart beat ! May we have a long holiday on May Day , Keep a good attitude : Go to the world for a surprise feast , Seeing the world fall into love .

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