fresh air room

2021-05-01 19:51:43  作者:Life journey

Our school has been learning to sing these days , Celebrate the party's victory 100 Anniversary of the .

Because it's a rural school , therefore , The conditions are not so good . But it's not that there's no music room , There's a music room , But it's too small , It's the size of a dormitory , More than ten square meters . There's only one music teacher , Let her teach singing one by one in the classroom , I'm too tired .

Now the school has 140 Many students , How can such a small classroom hold . The music teacher thought of a good way . Get all the students on the playground , Put the piano, gongs and drums on the playground , Because there are buildings in the front, back, left and right , therefore , The echo effect is good , Just an open-air music classroom .

I haven't had such an open-air class for many years , I'm also excited . Stand aside and I'll watch them sing , While learning to sing .

I remember. 《 Not ask what 》 Inside , Back of the battlefield many years ago , That's how professors teach students . So quiet Zhiyuan , So break into people's hearts .

But , Children are always playful , After a while , The children just sat impatient , Senior is OK , The whole junior class was playing . Several of the sophomores I took were playing quietly below . I can only stare at it from a distance , ha-ha . Because there are too many students , I can't squeeze through . Ah !

It seems that this open-air study , The effect is not so good !

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