Gradually changing colors

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Gradual colors

Jiao Xiaoqiao

Apricot flowers have the characteristics of color change , When in bud , Red after red , It's not very strong . As the petals stretch , The color changes from thick to light , Petals white or slightly red , A million Rouges , The flowers are numerous and delicate , The fragrance will become more refreshing . When the flowers fall, they become white .

The shape of apricot flower is similar to peach flower and plum blossom , Like sun he 《 Sing apricot flowers 》“ Red and peach , Pale white pear flower ”, The color of apricot flower is not as red as peach flower , It's not as plain as pear blossom . Compared with Peach Blossom “ The peach blossom is deep and the apricot is white , Red and white flowers bloom in spring ”,“ Expert brocade into dye do not , Peony red apricot white ”.

Apricot flowers are ancient flowers and trees , It came out hundreds of years BC 《 The pipe 》 There are records in , therefore , It has been cultivated for at least two or three thousand years in China .

According to legend , Apricot flowers in ancient China were also multicolored ,《 Xijing miscellany 》 It is recorded in the book that :“ Donghai Duwei is in Taiwan , Offer an apricot , The flowers are colorful , Liuchu , Cloud fairy food .”

Different colors of apricot flowers in ancient poems , It echoes with the changes of florescence . Lin Yun 《 Apricot blossom 》 In the poem “ The blood spots on the buds and branches are dry , Pink cheeks, cold in spring ”, Wang Yucheng described apricot blossom as “ Red fragrance and purple calyx are cold in spring , The buds stick to the branches and form a dense mass ”, It's an apricot flower bud .

Yang Wanli 《 County Garden apricot flowers 》 Medium “ Only then pities the desire white still red place , Politics is when it's half open ”, Describe the blooming apricot flowers , The light red on the petals .

“ White and red trees in spring , It's hard to see the bright sunshine ”( Yang Wanli 《 Ask Zhang dingsou in the rain to judge two pieces of apricot blossom in Xiyuan 》), It's about apricot blossom , In the blooming white petals , Mixed with the late red bud .

In careful writing “ Move all the court Yin , The old apricot is white ”、 Mei Yaochen 《 The white apricot blossoms of dusicheng in Yongcheng 》 Medium “ It's a lonely hair, a broken branch , Non Guan is later than others ” It's the twilight of apricot blossom .

According to legend , There is a young man named Shi Di in Xinghua village , I live by hunting all the year round . One early summer evening , Shidi returns from shooting , Walking through the apricot forest , Suddenly I heard a sob coming from the depths of the apricot forest . He looked for a voice , I found a woman crying in the tree .

Busy asking for love from , The girl tearfully told of her parents' death , I'm alone with you , Who knows , Relatives are dead, too , No place to live .

Shi Dixin has a heart of pity , Take him back to the village to settle his neighbor , A few days later , According to the villagers , The two became husband and wife . After marriage , Happiness is sweet .

One year , It rained for more than ten days . after rain the sky looks blue , Yellow apricot ferments with heat , It's going to rot . The villagers are too anxious to do anything , His face was clouded with sorrow .

Shidi's daughter-in-law brewed sweet wine from fermented apricots , Please have a taste of it . I want you to taste . They all vie to emulate each other .

It turns out that the girl is the apricot blossom fairy of the queen mother yaochi , Not willing to be punished by the queen mother , Only then secretly floats down to earth . Now I see that the villagers are in trouble , Then the wine is made from fermented apricots , Because of the delicious wine she brews , Make the Queen Mother salivate . I'm in a hurry to ask Lei Gong and Dianmu to find a trace and arrest , Wine for the gods of the upper world .

A midsummer afternoon , Mother Wang has come to capture the apricot fairy , She stood in the cloud and snapped : Bold apricot fairy , How dare you offend the rules of heaven , Steal the world , Without forgiveness of sin ! Thank you for your hard work in the world , Take the wine back to heaven for the immortal to drink , If not , Turn you into a cloud , Death of body and mind .

Apricot fairy listen to it , Not only are you not afraid , On the contrary, they argue for it , The queen mother became angry , A blast of thunder and lightning , After the thunder and lightning , The apricot fairy has disappeared . From now on , The legend of wine making by apricot fairy has been handed down from generation to generation in xinghuawu .

Every year when apricot blossom , There is always a spring rain in the village , It is said that , It's the tears that fairies miss their loved ones in the sky .

Apricot flowers represent spring , Because apricot is homophonic with fortune , I'm very lucky , In ancient times, apricot flowers were most precious , Apricot is homophonic , Together, they praise men's noble interests, which are in line with Qiandao , Women's chastity is in line with Kun's way .