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2021-05-01 19:35:04  作者:Photography

《 On • Photography 》

Love group album / Season two ~ The first 53 piece

chart : Hip hop rage

writing : Bi Yi

Today is may day , The first day of the long vacation . It's sunny , There is a wind , But white clouds , The sky was crystal clear , The mood is also relaxed .

From May to October , Half a year , It's the peak tourist season . Flowers bloom , The grass is lush , The water is clear , The wind is cool .

People began to spend more time in nature , Go to the paradise far away . The photographer is even more busy , Facing the easiest time of the year to make movies , My feet are like stepping on the wheel of wind and fire , I'm busy running to a place where flowers are in full bloom .

Today, I share this painting with my friends , It's a scene that we often encounter when we travel for outdoor shooting . Although the composition of the author is a little regular , But it can be used as the most basic model of composition teaching .

The first thing you see is , It's the cabin on the island in the middle of the lake . Although the area is not large , But because it's on the left side of the picture 1/3 It's about , It belongs to the left side of the trisection composition 1/3 on-line , So it's very obvious and outstanding .

Next is the river bank stake in the foreground , The author skillfully put the wooden pile , Frame into the picture from the center point at the bottom of the picture , Let the audience see a slightly curved Z I've got a wooden stake fence . This kind of design is extremely exquisite , Enrich the lines in the picture , In contrast to the vertical bars of trees that occupy most of the area , Make the visual effect more relaxed and comfortable .

Finally, the blue sky and white clouds in the upper left corner of the picture , This side of the world remains , It has three functions , First of all , Leave the picture blank , The function is to have a flexible space , The picture will not be too full and bloated , Enhanced the vitality of the picture . second , Increase the sense of three-dimensional and level , Trees near and clouds far away , It's a more distant 、 Deep Charm . Third , Enhance the contrast of colors in the picture , The richness and contrast of colors , Will make the charm of nature more attractive .

Master the composition of these few common sense , I believe that when you take photos in Tourism , I'm not going to do it again , A little design , I'm sure I'll be praised in my circle of friends .

I wish my friends a happy Labor Day !