Down and out Canary

2021-05-01 19:34:54  作者:Photography

Tomorrow is my rare day to go out and play . Eyelashes, nails, new clothes , The new year's four piece set is a hot spot . Hair is my baby , It's impossible to dye .

I searched the beautiful eyelash shop that looked good on Gaode . The owner is very cheerful and easy-going , Talked a lot .

I told her that I went to college at the nearby school that was a little bit shabby , Home is too far away , So I have to go out and play during the holidays , I can't go home . She didn't know what our school was capable of , She said she was a stranger , Married here very early .

She asked me how old I was , I said twenty . She nodded , He said for a moment , twenty years old , Oh, my God , When I was 20, my children were already three years old . I blinked and said , People used to get married very early .

She asked me if I had ever been around , I shake my head and say that there are clothes shops around here , There's no money for . She looked at me in surprise , Girls who can go to college should be very rich . I was stunned for a moment , Then he laughed , No, , Everybody's pretty much the same .

In my eyes, she is like a canary without a golden house .

You see , Adults tell us to cherish the opportunity of reading , Not to say how important it is to memorize those broken books by rote , The world you see will be different .

Now in this age , Whether it's poor or rich , Boy or girl , Most of them can read , You can read a lot of books . In addition to reading , We have more and more options .

I'm not grateful for the progress of this era . All of this , It's all about me as a person , The right to have .