Catch the little tail of spring (1)

2021-05-01 19:24:35  作者:Photography

The forest park

I only know that every year 2、3、4 The moon belongs to spring , But today I asked Du Niang , There are new discoveries : Spring means from 2 month 2 solstice 5 From the beginning of the day , stay 5 month 5 solstice 7 It's over between days , The folk custom is based on the lunar calendar 1、2、3 The month is spring . And today is 5 month 1 Japan , Lunar calendar 3 month 20, It's just the last days of spring , Let me catch the little tail of spring , Turn it on again 2021 Spring outing in 2008 !

People often like the scenery in the distance , But the beauty around us is not found . It's better to turn a blind eye to it , It's OK to talk about visual fatigue , All in all , The scenery is like other people's children , Only envy . While I was enjoying the blooming roses on the roadside , On the one hand, I think of the blooming roses in the two flower beds in Kangnan hospital more than ten years ago 、 Jade beauty and iris , Think of the old gardener who prunes the flower bed every day , Think of the lost years . Feel lost , I think of the rose garden in the forest park again , It must be prosperous now 、 Let's enjoy the garden ? It's a pity that there are waves of things at hand , not have understood until then “ Time is like water in a sponge. There is always a squeeze ” It's a real lie . Is that 24 Hours , Who can squeeze it 25 I've been here for hours ? Even if it's chopped and flattened , If you can , It's also the work of God , But I can only look and sigh !

5 month 1 Day in the morning , Finally, I don't have to think about the school that is running day by day , North to the Forest Park , A winding forest path , Full of brown iris , In the breeze , Like a butterfly fluttering its beautiful wings , The sound of the piano is melodious , One Pavilion for one person has been shown in front of us , So harmonious , So quiet , With a little drunk sunshine .

Go on , The rose garden is in front of us , One after another is in bud , One branch is enchanting and charming , A tree is blooming . Although roses don't have “ National color and wine , Tianxiang night dye clothes " The peony is so gorgeous ; either “ Come out of mud without dyeing , Wash the ripples but not the demons ” The lotus is so pure and lofty ; No more “ Don't think the old garden looks pale in autumn , You can see the fragrance of yellow flowers ” The chrysanthemum is so beautiful ; Especially not “ Plum blossom fragrance from the bitter cold ” The plum blossom is so proud of frost and cold . Compared with them, roses are really ordinary , Few literati pay attention to it , But it still blooms and falls in obscurity , otherwise , Big garden in spring .

I like its ordinary so much ! Not for spring , No summer , Don't compare with autumn chrysanthemum ! Open in silence , Quietly offering their own beauty !